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5 Ways to Boost Christmas Sales

Dec 11, 2017

497 Vladislav Yunusov

5 Ways to Boost Christmas Sales

What does the phrase “Christmas is coming” mean to you? You may imagine shopping malls crowded with buyers pushing one another in order to hook cut-price goods. Endless checkout lines and congested car parks can make your shopping experience unbearable. Fortunately, these days are gone and now shoppers are able to stay home, avoid the crowds and still get all the hottest deals. Thus, your immediate objective as a retailer is to provide customers with the amazing shopping experience.

The idea to place greater focus on Christmas holiday is not for nothing. According to the statistics, nearly 57% of online stores have the spike in sales due to a seasonal uptick in purchasing for the holidays. Since this is considered as the biggest shopping event in history, 86% of brands expect to have an increase in revenue this season.

Why don’t you take a chance and boost your sales within the upcoming holidays? It doesn’t matter if you have already had experience or you’re running a new store, the ideas described below are suitable for any web store owner who is ready to derive a benefit.

1. Create a Holiday Gift Guide for Lazy Shoppers

Actually, there is a sort of customers which are lazy enough, that’s why they postpone buying gifts to the last. Usually, this last minute shopping is for their loved ones. You can turn this fact to advantage and propose a holiday gift guide that simplifies the shopping process.

The guide should be displayed as categories containing headers. When clicking on each header, the user should be redirected to the landing page with valuable information.


If you don’t know what categories can be included, you’re suggested to consider the following ideas:

  • gifts for him, gifts for her, gifts for father, gifts for mother;
  • gifts under $20, gifts under $50, gifts under $100;
  • gifts for colleagues, gifts for friends, gifts for boss;
  • gifts for sporty guys, gifts for gamers, gifts for book-lovers.

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2. Send Holiday Greetings to Loyal Customers

The holiday season is the big time when people anticipate events and souk up the festive atmosphere. Everybody sends holiday greetings to each other and it doesn’t get under the skin. So focusing on the idea, you can send personal greeting to your most valuable customers via different channels. First off, you can use emails, but social channels are also considered as the appropriate approach to achieve the goal. Such a simple idea makes your clients happy and feel important. Besides, it triggers them to make some purchases if your email contains the following:

  • the information about upcoming sales event and its terms;
  • the attachment with the recent purchases or last holiday purchases;
  • the guide including some holiday gift recommendations.

If you face the problem when identifying your loyal customers, you can create customized customer segmentation with the help of MailBot’s Custom Segment. It takes just a few minutes but helps to grow sales by 63%. The function based on customers’ behavior easily defines which clients deserve more attention. Besides, you will know the customers who buy items often and who have the highest average check.

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3. Hold a Holiday Contest


This is believed to be an outdated trick, but it still works and solicits customers. The tool can be applied at any time even if you’re not prepared for the holiday season. The most efficient way is to run a contest via social channels, as nearly 78% of users are involved in the social networks to keep tuned. Actually, social media users are more motivated to surf your Facebook page if there’s a chance to win something. First off, you make your existing customers excited while generating engagement among your target audience.

Pay attention to the key features of a holiday contest:

  • The prize should be relevant to your market and desirable by most customers. Focus on some limited products or high-priced products.
  • There should be the possibility to share the news with friends.

Your contest can require extra efforts, for example, to take a photo with your product or use your logo as a background when taking a picture. Or you can hold the giveaway when the only thing users should do is leaving a like on the post. If you don’t know which contest you should hold on your website, analyze your eyeballs and choose the most appropriate one focusing on the results.

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4. Tweak on-page SEO

When running an ecommerce business, you give an eye to website SEO optimization to improve your web store ranking. When it comes to Christmas holidays, this period is supposed to be one of the vibrant when you need to put an increased focus on SEO.

The SEO steps you need to take:

  • use Christmas related keywords in product descriptions, meta description, and meta title;
  • build a new landing page related to holiday marketing promotions.

These steps help to get your website well-ranked and, as a result, boost your sales. Even if your customers don’t have Christmas gifts on their mind, this encourages them to consider the idea and start making purchases.

At the end of the holiday campaign, you should analyze the results and understand which tactics have worked and which mustn’t be used next year. The tool which provides the recent information is Google Analytics. According to the data, 65% of business owners measure holiday campaign success with this tool.

5. Extend Holiday Promotions

Your holiday sales can be maximized if you meet the needs of last-minute shoppers and post-holiday buyers. Run a last-minute holiday sale and provide clients with items unsold within peak events.

In fact, the end of the year doesn’t mean the end of the holiday campaign. January is a worthwhile month when it’s possible to wrest profits. You may still get traffic from holiday shoppers due to holiday gift cards or discount coupons. This helps you get your buyers engaged in the campaign. Send them post-holiday newsletters to promote the final holiday sale. In this case, you will get rid of unsold items and boost your sales easily.

Having armed with the up-to-date knowledge, you can manage the holiday campaign successfully and win your sales. 

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