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Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!

Feb 25, 2013

570 Andrei Biasprozvanny

BelVG Pirate Party 2013

Last Friday was all about a storm in the safe BelVG harbor. Lovely pirate ladies, formerly known as company employees from different departments, threw a Shiver-me-Timbers! surprise pirate-themed party. Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum, fellas! It was nuts.Dedicated to the Defender of the Fatherland Day (unofficial men’s day in Belarus), the party was a success. In the afternoon, all the BelVG ladies led by the stunning pirate’s captain (in addition to being a support team chief) Olga Shishuk, made the round of all the male comrades to present the Black Spots – invitations to the party.

As soon as everyone gathered at designated time, Olga the Captain announced the pirate contest. All guys that came up were the contestant pirates. Hostess divided them in two teams. Each had to collect as many pieces of a map, as possible – it was marked where the Treasure was hidden on this map.

The guys earned the pieces in different competitions. They demonstrated knowledge of pirate slang, falling in, healing a friend with wrapping one in a toilet paper, crumpling up and tossing paper into bins, solving mind-cracking quests and designing ships. It was a close duel, full of passion and thrill! Ladies were both the jury and the audience – constant giggling revealed that they had a lot of fun. Well, everyone did.

At the end, one of the teams pasted all the pieces of the map together. Hilarious hints indicated where in the office the Treasure was buried – a mini gold set, immediately found and much appreciated. Snacks and drinks completed the BelVG Pirate Party ’13 – aye!

More photos from BelVG Pirate Party 2013 on our Facebook page.

Andrey Dubina
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