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What’s Wrong with Special Characters in Prestashop Search?

May 21, 2012

1088 Alex Simonchik

Question: “I am experiencing problems when I try to search “lædersnørre” on the Prestashop website, using special characters “æ” and “ø” . This word will be found only if I type “laedersnorre”. I was wondering if you have run into this special characters problem previously, maybe with some cyrillic letters?”

Answer: Replace your Search.php file with this Search.

A new file contains comments in Search -> indexation ()

Andrey Dubina
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  1. I have also the same problem with character +, removed line 58 urldecode() but no luck. Still cant search like A+A

    please help!

  2. Hi, I use the prestashop 1.6.7, I want calculate the special character (- , + , _) in the search, how i can do this?

  3. HI, on PS 1616 I would get symbol “+” inlcuded on search. I have some products that are titled A+A Fashion … but when searching result is 0 (zero). Customers always search for A+A because it’s well known. Also with alias it cannot solve the problem, because symbol “+” (I mean plus) is always not considered. Tks in adavnce for your support

  4. Hi Alexander, I have a similar problem one PS 1.6 but the wrong characters accents affects only on the categories when you do hover mouse on a category meta description.
    can you please help on this one?


  5. Hi,

    I have problem with “-” in my products name. For example:

    I have product “fx-10”, but when I type “fx-10” in search, search found “fx-10”, but search show other product, because one product have description “This is for printer from FX serie: 1000, 1100, 1200…”, and search font “fx” and “10” from keyword “1000”.

    EXAMPLE 2:
    Search need to find keywords “LQ-1000” like whole keyword, but it separate to two keywords “LQ” and “1000”, because it is same problem like for “&”. And result is:
    1. on list: – Product with name “INK for LQ-1000”
    2. on list: Product with description “This is….. LQ seres 1000, 1200, 1500…”
    / this second search result is wrong, ti need to be only 1. result….

    I think it is same problem like &, æ or /…. I konw how to remove “#$%&/ sign, but how to remove sign: “-“.

    I need “-” in search.

    I use prestashop 1.5.3.

    Thank you!

    Best regards,

  6. hi i have this website in danish language

    i cant search my categories now. example are Øreringe it has a oslash special character.

    i try your advice but its not working. i notice this word though that its working


    the special a character work but not the oslash.

    please help me. by the way right now i edit searchcontroller.php and add this on line 91

    $query = Tools::replaceAccentedChars(urldecode($query));

    and i remove the advise you had in search.php in classes folder.

    please advice

  7. RC,

    In Search class, it’s necessary to change PREG_CLASS_SEARCH_EXCLUDE constant by deleting \x{0}-

  8. Hi Alex,

    Thanks you for your good tip!

    But how would I go about searching for products with “&” in the name?

    Lets say I have a candy-store. When I search for “M&M candy” every products gets listed, instead of just the “M&M candy” product.

    Thanks in advance.

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