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What Is Better To Use: A Responsive Design Or A Mobile Version?

Apr 4, 2017

530 Oleg Malaschuk

What Is Better To Use: A Responsive Design Or A Mobile Version?

It is a common knowledge today that any modern website should have a responsive design. Even Google has determined this as a ranking factor that influences search results. However, one should not confuse a responsive design with a mobile version of a website.

Many companies that use Prestashop or Magento solutions for their e-stores are permanently trying to improve the ways how one can access their websites through mobile devices. There are two main ways to do that: the first one is to turn an unresponsive website into a responsive one by installing an additional extension. The second approach is to create a new website from the scratch on the basis of a ready-made responsive template.

What is better to use a responsive design or a mobile version

But it might be a really hard task to create a new website If you already have an unresponsive Magento or Prestashop store. It might seem that installing a special extension from Magento Connect Marketplace is the fastest and the cheapest option to build a responsive website. But this is actually not true, because installing a new extension and adding new features may cause to appear many unforeseen problems which can cost much more to solve than to build a new website. Currently using a responsive Magento or Prestashop template can be considered as the most effective and cheapest solution to build a responsive e-store. We can also point out that such responsive templates are pretty easy to maintain.

Of course, using mobile themes for a ready-made Magento or Prestahop store is also an effective way to make your shop response. Such extensions can perfectly cope with the tasks which they have been developed for.  Unfortunately, they require too many efforts and time to be installed and to support their further maintenance. Every time you update your website you will have to update the mobile extension as well. Because a mobile version, as a matter of fact, is just a separate website which requires individual maintenance, support and configurations. Such permanent expenses may dramatically increase your monthly budget for the maintenance of your website and extensions. Therefore, in the long run, it is more profitable to rebuild your website with a new design than to install and maintain mobile extensions.

Additionally, updating both versions of a website may negatively impact those web-stores that offer product delivery services by reducing the efficiency of the mobile versions of those websites. As a result the users that have got used to your desktop version will not get the same user experience when visiting the mobile version of your web-store. Besides, certain delivery options which are available for the desktop version might not be displayed for the mobile version which will reduce your sales rate numbers.

Using a responsive template allows you update all parts of your website at the same time through the same admin dashboard. Any changes you make for the mobile version will be instantly applied for the desktop version and vice versa. There is no such thing for a responsive template as two different websites: any modifications, changes and customizations are all available inside one and the same dashboard.

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What is better to use a responsive design or a mobile version

Quite often mobile applications are not indexed by search engines. This can negatively influence your SEO because traffic stats will not be tracked correctly. Flexible themes can forward all traffic into one and the same direction, thus, eliminating all negative impact on your search engine rankings.

Using responsive themes and templates in modern e-commerce is a necessity. They are easy to use and maintain and can perfectly fit any e-commerce concept without additional customizations. When properly tested, responsive templates let you be absolutely positive about the way your web-store is displayed on users’ devices. The statistics show that most Internet-purchases today are completed specifically via various mobile devices and tablets. Customers may need to look through thousands of items and products and if they find your website not convenient enough to be viewed on a small screen or if something is displayed incorrectly – you are risking to lose your customers! Using a responsive Magento or Prestashop template can solve this problem once and for all!

What is better to use a responsive design or a mobile version

Many tasks will become simpler to perform. Despite the fact that creating a responsive template may look quite an expensive investment, your future profits will definitely pay off all the expenses in the long run. Although using additional extensions such as mobile apps can also provide good results at the beginning, but in future the maintenance expenses to support both website versions will be so high that it might become a heavy financial burden for your company.

If you have decided to create a responsive Magento or Prestashop theme from the scratch using flexible templates – you have chosen the right path to a successful e-commerce website. Although it might be quite financially difficult for the first time, but positive results will come shortly because you will have a cross-platform website that will look and work perfectly well on any internet-device. And of course, we are going to help you with that too!

Follow the links below to find the perfect examples of Prestashop and Magento responsive templates:

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