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How to Use Twitter for Business

Mar 6, 2020

1751 Dasha M.

How to Use Twitter for Business

Looking for the right place to share news, promote your products or communicate with customers? Twitter is an all-in-one solution where users expect to catch some real-time news or read about the opinion from an industry influencer. With millions of users worldwide, Twitter has the power to spread your brand awareness. Read the article to find out why Twitter is a must for your brand. We will show how to set up Twitter for business and share a lot of useful marketing tips.

Why Use Twitter for Marketing?
How to Set up a Twitter Business Profile
Twitter for Business Tips: How to Tweet

Why Use Twitter for Marketing?

Is Twitter still popular? Launched in 2006, the social network has gained popularity within just a few years and today it is one of the most visited platforms globally. Many speak that Twitter is no longer popular and there is no need to waste time on it for businesses.

The people who say it are either wrong or just don’t want to share their followers with the others. Over 145 million users visit Twitter every day and share up to 500 million tweets. At the same time, almost half of Twitter users follow their favorite brands and actively look for new stuff to buy. Such statistics make Twitter quite an attractive platform for business owners.


twitter marketing statistics


Considering gender demographics, globally Twitter is more popular among males than females – significant data for brands who target primarily just one gender. However, in the US, Twitter has a smaller gender margin. According to the statistics, 56% of the US Twitter users are males and 44% are females [1].


Twitter users statistics gender


Unlike TikTok or Snapchat, used mainly by Generation Z, Twitter has a broader audience. Like almost any other social network, it is most popular among Millenials but other generations, including Generation X and Baby Boomers, are also very active on Twitter.

  • 38% of Americans aged 19-29 have a Twitter account. Many of them just follow some profiles and do not share anything themselves.
  • 17% of Americans aged 50-64 have a Twitter account. The number is less impressive than the previous one but the users of this age tend to be more active and engaged. On average, they share more of their thoughts on Twitter and leave more replies.

With such an audience, merchants can develop specific marketing strategies to attract the attention of different generations.


Twitter marketing for business


With access to this audience, you can’t lose a chance to win more customers. While many brands don’t know how to develop a Twitter strategy for business marketing and avoid this network, you should not let the opportunity pass by. What are you waiting for?

How to Set up a Twitter Business Profile

When someone visits your brand’s Twitter account, they should understand at first sight – it’s yours. With the help of your logo in the right place, creative content and interesting color combinations you will make the page memorable. Do not forget about these simple steps:

How to choose a Twitter name & What is a Twitter handle?

Twitter handle is a username – for example, @BelVG. Creating a business profile, you need to use your company’s name to make sure the customers and users can find your profile by this handle. You need to enter this username, creating the account. If necessary, you will be able to edit it later.

How to upload photo on Twitter

Choosing your profile picture, you need to use an image that can be associated with your brand, not just a random one. This is a picture above your bio. You can use your logo or creatively framed company name. If your company has a spokesperson or there is a photo of your CEO that people can relate to, it can also be used. Remember that you are limited by image files. Twitter allows using only JPG, GIF and PNG formats that do not exceed 700kb in size.

When your image is ready, open Settings of your account. Click on the Profile tab -> Choose the file button. Select your image, upload it and click on Save. Finally, your profile image is ready!

How to write a Twitter bio

Twitter bio is where you introduce your brand in 160 characters or less. You need to create a clear vision of what your company does. Add some humor and engage followers with eye-catching slogans. Moreover, Twitter bio is searchable. So, if you add the right keywords, your account might rank in Google or Bing. Don’t forget to add your website’s URL – followers should know where they can enjoy your products or services.

How to make a Twitter header

The header is a background image of your Twitter profile. Here most of the market leaders use a branded image or the photo of the team. You can also add the logo if it is not used for a profile photo. A small creative phrase or brand hashtags are also a nice addition.

As header is the first image that captures the attention of everyone visiting the profile, it is a good idea to promote your upcoming events and hottest deals there. The main advice is not to overload the header with information and details.

Set the location and your company’s birthday

Beneath your bio and brand images, you should also add the location. It is significant to help customers find you and if your business aims to conquer the local market, they should know that you are somewhere nearby.

Another important aspect is to mention your company’s birthday – the day it was founded. As Twitter does not actually have a business account function, regular profiles are used as company ones. So, when you set a company birthday, your followers will receive the same notification about your brand’s birthday as about their friends or family members. It will serve as an extra free reminder about the brand.

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Twitter for Business Tips: How to Tweet

Twitter is one of the most misunderstood platforms but is still at the top 5 global social networks and keeps growing. No matter if you’re a new Twitter user or have been promoting your brand there for years, it’s never too late to get some new tips to market your business. Below you can find our working Twitter tips that will help your company succeed on this social network.

One account isn’t enough

When your company is big and targets different markets, it is a good idea to create a couple of separate Twitter accounts. You can have profiles for different departments like one for customer support and another one for entertaining and sharing your company’s news and events. Having more than one profile, you should regularly retweet posts from one account by another one to make sure that the users will follow both profiles.

For example, Apple follows this strategy. The company has two different Twitter accounts, one of which is Apple Support where you can find information on how to shoot time-lapse videos, change effects on photos and more. If you can’t get the desired answers, you can contact the team on Twitter. Another account is just their company’s Twitter profile where they tweet more entertaining content.

Besides, when you run a global brand and target German, Italian, the US or any other market, you can create Twitter accounts for every country using their native languages. For example, Amazon, as a world-known marketplace, besides having Amazon Help and Amazon Music profiles, has separate accounts for the US and UK.

Avoid cross-posting

Like many other brands, you probably do not want to limit your brand’s social media presence by just one platform. Different social networks attract different audiences. However, if you think that you can post the same content everywhere, you are mistaken.

It may sound easy and less time-consuming to publish the same posts, but in fact, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and others have their own rules and style. Even if you want to share the same news, we recommend presenting the information in a different manner. Create various images for posts, add relevant links and use other hashtags popular within this specific social network.

Follow right accounts

Take a look at the Twitter accounts of top brands like Nike or Dior and check who they follow. What do you see? Dior follows Twitter accounts of top models, famous magazines and recognisable photographers. We recommend you to use the same approach and following relevant and useful accounts as well as some industry leaders. It is a good way to show your followers that you understand who is who in the industry as well as to stay in touch with the news yourself.

Include visuals

Videos or images added to your posts will create a visual appeal of your Twitter profile. You need to understand that the words only won’t attract the attention of users who scroll the feed. Visuals will help to provide a storyline and context to your business content.

Besides, we recommend creating images in the same style. It will help to make your posts branded, while the followers will identify your posts before even reading the text. To get inspiration, you can visit Dunkin’ Twitter. The company creates images using the same color scheme – pink, orange and green. So, you won’t mistake their Tweets with anything else.

Use representative’s names

If your company has public representatives, it will be a great decision to use their names in posts and show them on pictures. When users know with whom they communicate and get some interesting information about these people, you can build closer relationships with them. Don’t forget to use @mentions and tag your influencers. For example, Tesla mentions Elon Musk in their Tweets, if necessary.

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Experiment with posting time

Tweeting during peak hours, you can reach more followers. However, there is no perfect posting time which is good for everyone. It depends on the industry, both your and your followers’ location and audience demographic.

Depending on the form of commercial transaction that you follow – B2B or B2C – choose the right time for tweeting. If you operate a B2C business, we recommend posting Tweets between Monday and Thursday at 1 and 3 pm and on weekends. Statistically, it is the time when the majority of users, using Twitter, click-through to websites. While the worst time is Friday after 3 pm. People are tired at work and don’t care much about shopping.

B2B Twitter marketing is slightly different. Here the best days for meaningful posting are weekdays – from Tuesday to Thursday. While the better time is from 5 to 6 pm when business owners search for the latest news. During this time, there are recognised the most retweets and the best CTR.

Moreover, don’t forget to analyse statistics and check when the posts get more impressions, likes and retweets. According to this data, you will be able to create your posting schedule and automate Twitter posting.

Enjoy Twitter tools

Twitter offers lots of opportunities for users to empower their accounts. Leaving such tools without attention, you may lose some marketing benefits. Let’s see what Twitter has to offer:

  • Twitter Moments allow users stitching together several Tweets into stories. It helps to share your messages in detail. To create a Moment, you need to click on your profile photo and select Moments from the menu. Choose Create New Moment, write title and description. Now you Moment is ready and you can add it to the others. Besides, if you find some interesting posts, you can add them to one of the already existing moments.
  • Twitter Lists are a group of accounts that you collect. You can choose specific accounts or subscribe to lists created by other users. Is it helpful for business? Definitely, yes. Twitter lists allow you to create groups like business inspiration, marketing experts, competitors and others. It will help to review their posts fast and cooperate with them, if necessary.
  • Twitter Chats are useful to communicate with followers and customers. It helps to forge stronger relationships between the brand and the audience. You can schedule and create a chat on Twitter to discuss any topic and listen to your customers. To create a chat, you need to pick a topic, set the date and time, create a hashtag and inform your followers about it.

Twitter verification

Twitter verification has several benefits. Marketing on Twitter, you understand that it helps people to find you on the internet as well as trust you and your brand. Twitter verification is the way to protect your company name, logo and images from fraud. If other people create accounts using the name of your brand or logo, their online behaviour can lead to a ruined reputation. Another potential problem is that someone may start selling similar products using your name and getting the profit at your cost or even involve your brand’s name in the financial fraud. Verification is a clear sign to the users where they see a real brand account and where it is someone else’s one.

If you want to get your account verified, your brand should be well-recognized. When you realize that your profile is complete and has lots of posts, fill out the Twitter verification submission form and wait for the blue check.

Use right hashtags

Using hashtags, you can classify your Tweets and make them appear with the relevant content. Searching by hashtags, users can easily find you and your tweets. The main idea here is to use popular hashtags and not add too many of them. If you need more information on how to use hashtags, read our article here.

Follow the latest news

Twitter, unlike other social networks, has a short-format of posts and fast sharing options, so it’s a useful tool for real-time marketing. But what is it? Real-time marketing aims at injecting your brand into local, national and global events by creating related posts and starting conversations with followers and consumers in social networks. To market the brand this way, you need to use appropriate hashtags to take part in the happening.

It doesn’t matter whether you are given a huge budget or not – Twitter is free for business marketing. Follow our Twitter marketing tips and reach the target audience and increase brand awareness.

And remember, today’s social networks are not about constant posting – follow “do it less but do it better” approach and provide quality content.

Do you use Twitter for marketing? Let us know about your experience and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.

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