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Top 5 Success Stories: Stay at Home Business for Moms

Sep 13, 2019

3621 Dasha M.

Top 5 Success Stories: Stay at Home Business for Moms

Motherhood is one of the most beautiful things in the world, but it is also a great responsibility. The same can be said about being a business founder. Both a mom and a company owner need to be patient and able to manage their time. Having skills required for running a business, some moms turn into mompreneurs.

Table of contents:

Who is a Mompreneur?
How to Become a Successful Mom Entrepreneur
Top 5 Mompreneur Success Stories

Who is a Mompreneur?

Mompreneurs are women who successfully combine taking care of a baby with leading a business. For many people, it may sound close to impossible, since as we all know, kids are incredibly demanding, and looking after them is already hard work to do. However, the list of mompreneurs is large and still growing.

Most of the mothers who started their own business did not plan it. Knowing children and their needs better than anyone else, they often start to create items they need that the market does not offer. Once they realize that they are not the only mothers who could take advantage of their handiwork, these moms start thinking how to share it with the world. Here comes the idea of starting a business, which brings not only personal satisfaction from the recognition, but also financial benefits.

Millennials seem especially interested in bringing home extra income with their own business. The growth of working at home has paved the way for the stay at home moms to the world of business, and they do not want to let the opportunity pass by. Raising both a child and a company requires enormous productivity, but strong women worldwide manage to do it.

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How to Become a Successful Mom Entrepreneur: Top 5 Tips

1. Find a source of inspiration. You can find the right motivation in the story of a family member or friend who got on the path of mompreneurship. If there is no woman, who turned towards entrepreneurship while being a stay at home mom among the people you know, above you can find a list of women who did that. They overcame the challenges that this path brings and achieved their success goals. Read their stories, and let these strong examples inspire you.

2. Do not let guilt accompany you on your business journey. You have to manage to take control over this feeling before it takes control over you. Sometimes working mothers can be too hard on themselves. Feeling guilty for every minute spent far from your children will not bring any good to anyone. The time spent on the company is an investment in the future of your family’s financial situation and in your kids’ better future.

3. Do not overestimate multitasking. When you run a business as a mother, your mind can rush from everything you need to do for your family, business, and employees. Remember, even if multitasking is your middle name, switching your attention from one task to another decreases your performance and productivity. Sometimes, it is good to be able to manage several problems simultaneously, but it is likely to exhaust you more than you think. Try to sort the issues that require your attention into urgency order and deal with them one by one.

4. Make sure to have some off-clock time. One of the hardest sides of being a mompreneur is that your working day is never over. There will always be someone who needs you, either it is your child or employee. But keep in mind that any woman, and especially a hard-working entrepreneur, needs some time for herself. To become a good boss, you need to learn how to share responsibility and assign others to complete the task.

5. Do not wait for a “good moment” to start. Having a worthy business idea, many moms postponed bringing it into existence, waiting for their child to get a bit older. The fact that they put family first makes perfect sense. However, they should realize that there is no better time for starting a business than now and today. Just a few days later, someone else may come up with a similar idea and get all the laurels.

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Top 5 Mompreneur Success Stories

Pillow Pets

Pillow Pets was established in 2003, by Jennifer Telfer, the stay at home mother of two from San Diego, California. One day, her oldest son was trying to flatten his stuffed toys to sleep on them. Jennifer realized that most of her son favorite stuffed animals are too bulky to take them to bed. She wanted to get something more comfortable for him, but could not find any proper option. It inspired her to create a combination of pillow and toy herself. It is how the idea of Pillow Pets was born, and Jennifer Telfer’s business journey to become one of the top mompreneurs began.

In 2010, the company started to ship their pillow-toys internationally after a catching TV advertisement made them popular in Europe too. Over the years, Pillow Pets has sold more than 30 million stuffed animals. In 2012, they also launched the first collection of night lights and glowing plush pillows. Last year, Pillow Pets decided to turn towards modern technologies and announced a new line of night lights with multi-colored display modes and 20-minute timer.

Pillow Pets Home Page Mompreneur


Artipoppe is a Dutch brand that was created by Anna van den Bogert in 2012. When she gave birth to her second child, Anna was looking for a sling, but the market was very limited. She could not find the one that would meet her demands and expectations. Anna knew that struggle when mothers often have to stay at home and feel in some way isolated not being able to spend time as they want. Looking for the solution that would be both practical and authentic, she decided to change the sling industry of the past for better.

Back in a day, Anna had no experience in doing business, but she had an idea and dream that she wanted to make true. That is how she founded Artipoppe. This brand is more than just a company but a community that unites and inspires women. The Artipoppe slings are made out of the finest materials such as cashmere and Japanese silk, making happy mothers from all over the globe.

Artipoppe Home Page Mompreneur

Cents of Style

Cents of Style is an American women’s accessories company which was started by Courtney Brown, back in 2007. She was passionate about fashion stay at home mother. Having a young daughter, Courtney has always looked for productive shopping solutions that could save her time and money. She noticed that friends and family members often asked her how and where she dressed so fashionably. It inspired her to create a place where women could freely ask for advice and find affordable fashion solutions.

Courtney was working hard to become one of the most successful mom entrepreneurs and turn her dream into a multi-million dollar company. Today, it employs over 30 women, mostly mothers, and follows the motto that was established in the early beginning – “When you look good, you feel good.” Cents of Style has become a place that celebrates women’s power and strength and helps their customers present themselves to the world in the way they want it.

Cents of Style Home Page Mompreneur

Three bird nest

Three bird nest’s story started back in 2011 in the kitchen of Alicia Shaffer. Eight years ago, a stay at home mother of three from Livermore, California, realized that stylish custom-made clothes are her passion. She started to create them discovering new materials and textures. Alicia wanted to share her work and love to bohemian clothes with the others and created an Etsy account.

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Today, Three bird nest has its own successful website selling clothes to those who want to make a statement without saying a word. They offer unique clothes and accessories at affordable prices made out of the best materials to help women discover their style. The pieces created by Three bird nest are meant to embrace women’s creativity and independence.

three bird nest Home Page Mompreneur

Mrs. Fields

Mrs. Fields’ first store was opened back in 1977 by Debbie Fields and her husband Randy in Palo Alto, California. They started to sell home-made style cookies which quickly earned the recognition among the locals. The original recipe was developed in the family kitchen of the Fields. Having five daughters, Debbie found herself fond of baking, and the family decided to share her famous cookies with the world.

Today, Mrs. Fields is a large franchisor in the snack industry which has over 300 online and physical locations worldwide. This company enjoys the highest brand awareness among the competitors, and its stores employ over 4,000 people. Mrs. Fields’ chocolate chip cookies positively remind the customers of home, farm, and family.

Mrs. Fields Home Page Mompreneur


Having zero experience in launching and running a business, you may think that these success stories are the result of pure luck or inherited fortunes. However, these companies were not founded due to some happy coincidence – there are years of hard work, great strength, and brilliant ideas behind them.

Mompreneurs are the true heroes of modern society. They are the creators who managed to bring to this world both a new life and a creative idea of something that will be used by many generations to come. These mothers provide an excellent example of outstanding productivity and commitment. From them, all of us can learn a lesson on how to do things right, follow our dreams, and desired goals.

It is never too late to take your place in the history of the companies started with the love and care of mothers. The idea that you have today can improve the lives of people tomorrow. The examples mentioned above show that the story of something great can begin right in your kitchen – do not let it be over before it starts.

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