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The Talk with the Customer

Jul 25, 2012

144 Alex Huk

The Talk with the Customer

We continue posting series of blog articles, dedicated to our clients and their businesses, operating on BelVG extensions. We strongly believe that success of any eCommerce development company is determined by the amount of profit, gained by store merchants. So we dig deeper to find out, whether our customers are satisfied, and then share their answers with you.

It won’t be wrong to say that the majority of present Magento merchants didn’t use Magento from the start. They tried something more popular back then, got disappointed over the course of time and finally fell into the arms of Magento universe. Some of them made the transition a couple years ago and some started exploring Magento benefits from very recently. My interviewee today, Mark Adam, belongs to the second category, who switched the Impact Computers store to Magento at the beginning of 2012. This is what he wants to share with peer store owners.

M.A. A few words about what we are doing. We supply Compatible Ink Cartridges, Laser Toner, Computer Cables and Computer Hardware via our Magento Store, Ebay and Amazon website. We operate from our 10,0000 sq. ft. warehouse in the UK and ship goods across the country and to Eurpoe. Impact Computers are authorised resellers of Newlink, Sumvision, Octigen, Mirror and Projet products.

I.T. When did you start your business and how did you come up with the idea of launching it on Magento?

M.A. We started our business back in 2008 and our original website was built in the X-Cart platform. At the time X-Cart was the best option for us, but over time it became outdated and didn’t seem to keep pace with other shopping cart and eCommerce packages. At the beginning of 2012 we decided our site needed the update, so we switched to the community edition of Magento and the latest version, which at the time was


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I.T. You are using Magento Socializer: Like and Share, Brands and Logos and Dropdown Menu extensions from BelVG. Which helps you the most?

M.A. The Socializer extension is great and really helps to promote our range of Ink Cartridges and Computer cable to a wider audience, but my favorite modification is the Dropdown Menu. It really makes a massive difference to the look of the site and helps our customers navigate our many store categories.

I.T. Do you use extensions of other development companies?

M.A. We’re using a store theme from a third-party, but we normally check BelVG first before using anyone else.

I.T. What upgrades would you like to see in BelVG extensions that you use?

M.A. I’d like to see a link on the homepage, which links to a page that displays all of the brands from the “Brands and Logo” modification.

I.T. What store functionality would your like to upgrade, but haven’t found the proper extension yet?

M.A. We’re planning to install a one page checkout and also an improved navigation system to help customer locate there correct Ink Cartridges or Laptop Charger as easily as possible.

I.T. How did you know about us and would you like to continue cooperating with us?

M.A. I came across BelVG while searching in Google for Magento extensions. I would definitely recommend them and will have more work for them soon!

BelVG wishes Mark all the luck and will take note of upgrades and extensions he would like to implement.

Andrey Dubina

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