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Spreading Good News – Long Live Free Extensions!

Jan 18, 2012

247 Alex Huk

Free Magento Mobile Themes

We are surprised how enthusiastically you handle our free products! Within 10 days 1000 users have downloaded free Silver Mobile Theme while Facebook Connect and Like Free extension outperformed it with over 4000 downloads in a week. We try our best to serve you as well as we can, and with every positive review we step forward and feel more responsibility than earlier.

Since you definitely like our free Magento products, we embraced the idea of pleasing you with more free BelVG themes. We introduce you another free pack – Black and Yellow and Blue Depth Mobile Themes. Our free themes are compatible with all Magento editions and work on all mobile platforms and gadgets.

We are going to release one free extension/theme quarterly. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest information about updates.

Why did we decide to set “free extension practice” on a regular basis? Here are some significant reasons:

1. We create high-quality extensions for free as samples of professional development. 80% of free extensions represent a poor quality offering, and BelVG wants to break this bad habit.

2. We commit ourselves to publicity policy and will start posting old extensions or those with limited functionality. It would satisfy the demand of new customers who got free high-grade extensions, tested them and became convinced they make their stores better.

3. We admit that plagiarism in IT exists and won’t be defeated easily. Even though we can’t eliminate it, we are able to make its consequences less striking. Take our free extensions as a good copying example or perceive them as jumping point for young developers.

4. We want to contribute to Magento community and develop it as we develop our extensions.

* If you want to get the original theme, click here.

Andrey Dubina
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