Request Routing in Magento 2

Jun 8, 2017453
Request Routing in Magento 2

In the article, we’re going to compare routing in Magento 1 and Magento 2. Actually, there’s an article containing routing description in Magento 1, so in case you’d like to have a closer look at routing in Magento 1, read our blog.

Route determination starts from searching for current route defined in the system. The process starts here:


In the method dispatch() as well as in Magento 1 file app/code/core/Mage/Core/Controller/Varien/Front.php there are some matches:

  • Checking is a request by dispatcher ($request->isDispatched());
  • Searching for matches ($router->match($request)).

In comparison with Magento 1, there are only two routings determined in Magento 2:

  • /vendor/magento/framework/App/Router/Base.php;
  • /vendor/magento/framework/App/Router/DefaultRouter.php.

The same as in Magento 1, after 100 iterations if a router is not found, there will be a message displayed. Here we can find attributes of Magento 1:

The main steps of routing process are the same as in Magento 1:

  • Determining module
  • Determining controller
  • Action for detection
  • Data for current request detection

Router initialization in Magento 2 differs from Magento 1:

Initialization occurs when searching for an appropriate router:

Further routing process resembles Magento 1:

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The first three elements are considered as main. They define a module, controller, and action for a current request.

Then module is determined from its moduleFrontName:

Then a controller and action for a current request are determined:

Besides, it is checked whether the connection is safe if there is a controller file, as well as previous realization, is stored:

It implies that route is processed. Module, controller, and action are determined. Moreover, an action for a current request is being processed.

Control element returns for performing action:

Where for a current request output is determined.

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