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Prestashop Addons Analytics. March

Mar 5, 2012

204 Alex Huk

One month ago we made a small research concerning Prestashop add-ons popularity. We reviewed each category and the number of modules it includes, resulting functionality that is currently in high demand.

We come up with a new statistics collected on March, 1 according to which the whole picture of add-ons development remains the same. Front office features are still the most widely presented in Prestashop. The amount of modules in each category grew proportionally: all of them are increased in quantity while maintaining the basic course. Front office features are way ahead and other categories are still far behind.

Remember, who was the absolute champion among all categories last time? Check out the graph from February, 1.

What does it mean for Prestashop developers? Merchants are prone to rearrange their front offices above all other things and attract new customers by website appearance and usability. It may be a quite disappointing fact for Order Process or Billing & Invoicing improvers, but we all have to deal with it – in some cases we just need to follow the preference of our add-ons consumers.

Andrey Dubina

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  1. jotacee, you have a point. Some developers mark their modules as front office features only because they see how big this category is. Thus, a lot of good modules are lost in front features ocean.

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