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Pop-Ups for Online Stores: to be or not to be

Aug 31, 2018

1962 Luba Andreeva

Pop-Ups for Online Stores: to be or not to be

It seems that there is no marketing tool more controversial than pop-up notifications. They are considered to be the most annoying method of advertising, but at the same time pop-ups help to increase the conversion of a webpage and the number of email subscribers. Where is the line between helpful and irritating and how to create pop-up messages that work for you, not against. Let’s figure everything out together.

Pop-up types

Pop-up is a very strong and working call to action. It is very popular among ecommerce websites and really helps merchants to achieve their goals. There are no tough rules on how pop-ups should look, where and when they should appear but they can be divided into several large groups:

  • Welcome pop-ups. Customers see this messages as soon as they visit an online store. Usually, this is a full screen or central screen pop-up that appears above page content and interrupts navigation.
  • Exit intent. This type of pop-ups appears when customers intend to leave the page. It is the last chance to interest him, offer a deal or suggest help.
  • Behaviour-dependent. Once a visitor scrolls the page, clicks a button or does something definite he sees a pop-up.
  • Time-dependent. After spending a certain amount of time on an ecommerce website, a customer is ready to see a pop-up message without thinking it is inappropriate.

How to create a working pop-up

Pop-up is a very effective tool for collecting leads, converting sales and growing the number of subscribers, not only email but social media followers too. Your ecommerce business will benefit from pop-up messages if you use them correctly and appropriately. We compiled some advice to create a working pop-up notification:

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  • Take your time. Don’t interrupt customer’s webstore browsing too fast. Give your clients some time to look around and get their bearings. And only then provide the information you want customers to know and keep in mind while shopping.
  • First time visit. Show pop-ups to first-time visitors to interest them and stay in contact in future.
    Modcloth Pop-Up
  • Discount or offer. Determine the purpose of your pop-up message, tell your customers about your current offers, discounts or other bonuses you have now. To encourage the purchase set a time limit.
    PrestaShop Pop-Up
  • Social networks buttons. Your ecommerce website is not the only channel of communication with your customers. Pop-up is a good tool for presenting your account in social networks. Add social buttons to your message and get new followers. Also, remember that you can ask visitors to share your product or article with their friends and get more traffic to your online store.
    Supsystic Pop-Up
  • Opt-in pop-up. It is probably the most popular way to use pop-up notifications. Mention the benefits of your friendship and gain the audience for your email marketing.
    PLNDR Pop-Up
  • The last but not the least point is “No, thank you” button and a big enough close cross. You can suggest your clients the best deal ever but respect their wish to refuse the proposal.

As everything in marketing and ecommerce strategy pop-up advertising could boost your sales or drown your business. It all depends on how you use it. Relevant information to relevant people at relevant time is the key to success.

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