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Pavel Novitsky: The Man, Who Invented Faceboook… All-In-One

Nov 21, 2011

351 BelVG Team

Hurrah! We have a new interview with the developer. This week top-person is Pavel Novitsky, the creator of the best-selling module Facebook-All-In-One and many others.

Pavel is 27. He studied Mathematics and built his academic career quickly. By the time of his graduation from Belarusian State University he had already developed and patented some technologies. Though, he had left science to concentrate on E-Commerce.

Pavel has 8 years of web-development experience and works with Magento from it’s beginning.

Pavel is married and has a five-years-old son (whom he calls his major achievement). He prefers music and reading  philosophy, detectives, adventure stories and “Winnie-the-Pooh” for relaxation.


  • How long have you been dealing with the social networks?

    At the beginning I started with social networking development, but then I moved to Magento Facebook Extensions. It was about five years ago. You don’t believe me? Then take into account, that I invented Facebook (not Mark Zucherberg), Internet and even a computer machine (laughing out loud).

    To be serious, I have recently shared my experience on Meet Magento Belarus. [you can find this report in our blog soon].

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  • What are the main features of Facebook-All-In-One module?

    With Facebook-All-In-One your customers can easily and safely log in with the help of their Facebook-accounts. They can also like your store pages or the purchases they’ve made. Facebook-All-In-One helps your store visitors to send their friends direct messages on e-mails, leave comments and share wish-lists. And you can view these activities with the help of the Recent Activity block. Moreover, you can customize all featured functions to fulfill your expectations.

  • For what purposes do you use Facebook at work?

    I test new extensions, of course, read E-Commerce news, chat with other developers. Well, I try to do everything I do for working purposes, but sometimes it’s difficult not to look aside.

  • How much time are you spending on Facebook daily?

    Oh, actually I’m almost living there – I’m online 24 hours a day. But when I am at home, I usually concentrate on my family and forget about social networks.

  • What module are you working on now?

    I work on several modules, but they have nothing to do with social networks. Recently I spent developing back-end and administration extensions and Magento Enterpise Modules. Since BelVG became Magento Enterprise Developer it’s a priority.

  • What are you waiting for about Magento in the nearest future?

    I wait for Magento 2.0 and its new advantages comming soon. I hope it will be even better and faster than the old one and will bring new clients, ideas and inspiration.

    Pavel is open for all your questions. You can contact him on Facebook or by e-mail: [email protected].

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