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Pavel Novitsky is the Magento Certified Developer Plus

Mar 30, 2012

333 Alex Huk

Big event in BelVG corporate life! The company basks in the glory of its star, Pavel Novitsky, who has successfully passed the Magento Developer Certification and now is titled the Magento Certified Developer Plus.

This certificate states that Pavel is “skillful in the use of Magento Enterprise Edition and has delved into details of the structure of Magento that many have not often explored, but which can give someone an advantage when implementing a site using Magento.”

Pavel Novitsky

Pavel has left the office at 2 p.m. local time today and came back two hours later with victorious test results. You can imagine, how overcrowded his room is now ;)

BelVG is planning to have all developers team certified within the current year.

Andrey Dubina
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  2. yogesh,

    In our series of articles we gradually cover the questions of the Certification Study Guide MCD. The authors write articles based on their preferences, and eventually we’re planning to publish a complete tutorial to prepare for the MCD. Stay tuned for updates.

  3. I have below question, can you please review it

    1) Identify the function and proper use of automatically available events, including *_load_after, etc.
    2) What are the common methods with which the framework accesses its configuration values and areas?
    3) How are per-store configuration values established in the XML DOM?
    4) By what process do the factory methods and autoloader enable class instantiation?
    5) What are the interface and configuration options for automatically fired events?
    6) What is the structure of event observers, and how are properties accessed therein?
    7) Describe the use of Magento translate classes and translate files
    8) Describe the advantages and disadvantages of using subdomains and subdirectories in internationalization

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