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One More Magento 2 JavaScript Certified Developer at BelVG

May 2, 2019

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One More Magento 2 JavaScript Certified Developer at BelVG

BelVG is the company that values its developers. We do not only place a fair value on their skills and create comfortable conditions for work and leisure in our office, but also encourage them to professionally improve and progress. Passing a Magento certificate exam is the best way to upgrade professionally and receive official confirmation of your knowledge and skills.

Recently, there was an addition to BelVG’s long list of certified developers – Igor Rain has recently passed the Magento 2 Certified Professional JavaScript Developer. In this article, you will discover what Magento 2 Certified Professional JavaScript Developer is and topics it includes, get a clear step-by-step guide on how to pass the exam and learn about the first-hand experience of the developer who successfully passed it.

Table of contents:

What is Magento 2 Certified Professional JavaScript Developer Certification
What is Magento 2 Certified Professional JavaScript Developer Certification exam
Passing the Magento 2 JavaScript exam: a step-by-step guide
Magento 2 JavaScript Developer Exam insights

What is Magento 2 Certified Professional JavaScript Developer Certification

Magento 2 Certified Professional JavaScript Developer serves to validate one’s theoretical and practical knowledge of the JavaScript framework. By passing this exam, the developer will prove their comprehensive understanding of Magento JavaScript framework, its components and how to properly configure and customize them, as well as add the new ones. Apart from the in-browser JavaScript framework, the exam covers topics like customer data, adminhtml UI Components and the server-side configuration for layout.

This is the detailed list of the concepts covered by Magento 2 Certified Professional JavaScript Developer exam:

  • JavaScript in Magento: RequireJS, jQuery, jQuery UI, Underscore JS and Knockout JS.
  • jQuery UI widgets and their modifications.
  • Structure, overrides and customization of Magento modules.
  • How to execute Javascript on Magento pages.
  • Core Magento frameworks and their customization.
  • Magento UI components, and how to customize and work with them.
  • Payment and checkout UI components and their customization.

What is Magento 2 JavaScript Developer Certification exam

Magento 2 Certified Professional JavaScript Developer exam consists of 60 multiple choice questions that one needs to complete in 90 minutes. The exam is based on Magento 2.2 Open Source and Magento 2.2 Commerce version, but the information will be relevant to any version of Magento 2. The questions are divided into 5 topics: Technology stack, JavaScript Basics, Magento core JavaScript library, UI Components and Checkout; for each of the topics you will get a separate score, apart from the single overall score, which should be 63% or higher to qualify for passing.

Below you will find the list of Magento 2 Certified Professional JavaScript Developer topics and questions they include.

1 Technology Stack

1.1 Demonstrate understanding of RequireJS
1.2 Demonstrate understanding of UnderscoreJS
1.3 Demonstrate understanding of jQuery UI widgets
1.4 Demonstrate understanding of KnockoutJS

2 Magento JavaScript Basics

2.1 Demonstrate understanding of the modular structure of Magento
2.2 Describe how to use JavaScript modules in Magento
2.3 Demonstrate ability to execute JavaScript modules
2.4 Describe jQuery UI widgets in Magento
2.5 Demonstrate ability to customize JavaScript modules

3 Magento Core JavaScript Library

3.1 Demonstrate understanding of the mage library
3.2 Demonstrate understanding of mage widgets
3.3 Demonstrate the ability to use the customer-data module

4 UI Components

4.1 Demonstrate understanding of Knockout customizations
4.2 Demonstrate understanding of Magento UI components
4.3 Demonstrate the ability to use UI components
4.4 Demonstrate understanding of grids and forms

5 Checkout

5.1 Demonstrate understanding of checkout architecture
5.2 Demonstrate understanding of payments


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Passing the Magento 2 Certified Professional JavaScript Certification exam: a step-by-step guide

Step #1: select the Magento 2 Certified Professional JavaScript Developer exam at
Step #2: purchase exam voucher; Magento 2 Certified Professional JavaScript Developer will cost you $260.
Step #3: book the examination date and select the place for passing the exam: either at a certification center or online.
Step #4: enter the voucher code and receive an email confirmation.
Step #5: prepare the necessary software and equipment (if you pass the exam online):

  • a PC with Windows or MacOS operating system,
  • Adobe Flash,
  • a stand-alone web camera,
  • a microphone (can be built-in),
  • quality Internet connection,
  • “Sentinel” software that will not permit you to use any programmes during the exam.

Step #6: take the exam.

To begin, press the Launch button that will appear when the time of the exam approaches. Your exam operator will check the connection and sound, and may ask you to adjust your webcam if needed. The examinee is not permitted to have any object on their desk, as well as should not wear a watch on their wrists.

Step #7: receive the results.

If your score is 63% or higher, you will get an online certificate and have your name listed in the Magento certified developers directory.
In case you have not passed, you can retake the exam with a 20% discount in 15 days.

Magento 2 JavaScript Developer Exam insights

Igor Rain, a young and promising developer from BelVG, has recently passed the JavaScript certification with flying colors, scoring 83.33%. We congratulate him once again and ask him a couple of questions about his experience and impressions.

Who, in your opinion, needs to pass this exam?

I believe it would be useful to any Magento developer who currently works or is planning to work with JavaScript. I am a backend developer, and although JavaScript is a frontend technology, I still felt the need to study it, so that I would be qualified to complete more versatile tasks and perform advanced customizations in Magento.

igor rain certificate

Have you already applied your JavaScript knowledge on practice?

In fact, yes. I am currently working on a Caskers webstore project, and recently there were a couple of bugs – one with checkout, another with an authorization popup window. The skills that I acquired while preparing for the JavaScript exam allowed me to fix the issues myself.

How did you study for Magento 2 JavaScript Developer Exam?

Well, Magento provides a free study pdf guide for this exam, but it contains only questions and no answers. At the moment, there is no comprehensive tutorial for this exam, so I and a colleague of mine decided to write one ourselves! It was hard, obviously, harder than simply studying the pre-made material, but at the same time, I realized that I retained the information much better.

In the near future, the Magento 2 JavaScript Developer tutorial that we wrote will be released at BelVG’s blog. I hope that the knowledge we share there will come of use to hundreds of developers who will be getting ready for the exam.

How long did it take you to get ready for the exam?

I began studying in January, so it was 5 months in my case.

What questions from your certification exam did you remember the most? Were there any unexpected questions?

No, there were no surprises – all the 60 questions were mentioned in the Magento study guide.
The questions that I remembered the most…. perhaps, about the mixins and their use for customization, and UI components creation and customization. That was useful knowledge that I expect to apply soon to future projects.

Do you have any plans to pass another Magento certification?

The JavaScript was my third Magento certifications, but I do not plan to stop at what I achieved. I will take a short break from my studies and will soon begin getting ready for the Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer Plus – this one, I expect, will be much harder.

We wish Igor good luck with his future exams and congratulate him once again on successfully passing Magento 2 Certified Professional JavaScript Developer exam!

Igor is a backend specialist on the BelVG Magento development team. Need help with your Magento webstore? Turn to BelVG.

Wrapping it up

We hope this article answered all the questions you might have had about the Magento 2 Certified Professional JavaScript Developer exam and provided you with a personal insight into the Magento examination process. Stay tuned for the Magento 2 JavaScript tutorial release, and if you have any questions or comments, leave them down below.


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