Magento Tips: How To Include JQuery Into Magento

Feb 26, 2013135Aleksander Tretjak
Magento Tips: How To Include JQuery Into Magento

Not everyone probably likes the Prototype library which is included into Magento by default. Some users prefer to use a more popular tool – JQuery framework since it has pretty many ready-made add-ons and plugins.

Any js file can be included either with the help of config. files or using events. Using the event core_block_abstract_prepare_layout_before


we can include a library into the page directly before Magento js files.

Observer model:

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Indicating the location of files in helper and the list of included files:

Switching the library into compatibility mode.


Download jQuery from GitHub

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  1. Hi Aleksander,

    I just tried to install your script via magento.

    and it seems it is not working. Any advise?

    Thank you!

  2. Hi sorry. I needs to activate via the admin.. its working now. I want to use this integration to the extension i am writing. More power!

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