Magento Quiz Winners

Jul 12, 201352Alex Huk

Magento quiz winners

BelVG Magento quiz contest has ended and we are pleased to announce the winners. Instant Magento Shipping How-to books go to Kamil Balwierz, Jon Burnham, Andrey Shorin, Milen Petrov and Raul Araya. Hats off to you guys! We’ll contact you shortly. Those who didn’t win – no melancholy, we have lots of other contests and games for you to win. Correct answers are as follows:

In what year Magento was launched?
Who was one of the Magento founders?
Yoav Kutner
How many online retailers adopted Magento?
150 000
What Magento international forum does not yet exist on official boards?
North Korean
What world’s leading brand chose Magento platform?
All of the above (Samsung, Ford, Olympus)
Real or not real: Magento’s Community version has been downloaded over 1 million times since March 2008.
Starting in 2011, Magento hosts what annual conference?
Imagine eCommerce
Real or not real: Barack Obama was a keynote speaker on the mentioned conference in 2012.
Not real
Where is BelVG headquarters located?
Minsk, Belarus

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