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Magento Live Europe 2019 in Amsterdam

Oct 24, 2019

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Magento Live Europe 2019 in Amsterdam

Wondering what is going on in the ecommerce world? In this article, we want to share our team’s experience at Magento Live Europe 2019 in Amsterdam. Learn some ecommerce tips and tricks from the backstage of this major event.

Historically, the Netherlands has been the place where commerce is booming. No wonder, Amsterdam as its capital and heart is a perfect place for such a global ecommerce event as Magento Live Europe. These events bring together ecommerce innovators from all over the world as well as different enthusiasts, partners, ecommerce company owners, and professional developers.

magento conference 2019 amsterdam

Magento cares a lot about educating the members of its community and spreading ecommerce knowledge. However, learning something new is not the only reason why Magento meetings bring together so many people. Such events as Magento Live Europe deliver a great opportunity for your company to be noticed and heard at the largest ecommerce gathering. You can learn directly from the industry leaders – more than 2000 ecommerce professionals have participated in this Magento event in Amsterdam – including the BelVG team.

On October 21-23, 2019, Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Conference Center located in the Amsterdam business district, welcomed the second Magento Live Europe. In 2018, this event was organized for the first time in Barcelona. The number of people attending these conferences in Europe is impressive which is a good sign that ecommerce development in Europe is on the right path. Some years ago, you would have to fly to the United States to visit Magento Live but today they organize it on different continents including Europe and Australia.

All the guests including the members of our team were especially impressed by the work of designers of the venture – the pictures, presentations and decorations were stunning!

magento live ecommerce event

The first day was devoted to preparation and networking – the guests of the event, as well as the speakers, registered themselves from 10 am till 6 pm to get accreditations. At the same time, there was also a Contribution Day, Magento Certified Solution Specialist Prep Workshop, Magento Partner Summit and, of course, Happy Hour.

The BelVG team was glad to meet again our old friends that we have not seen since the last conference, and make new ones. Magento events have always been about networking and sharing experience.

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Magento Live Europe 2019 in Amsterdam has become one of the biggest ecommerce events of the year – over 300 delegates and over 20 exhibitors joined – and it is genuinely one of the most informative conferences that our team attended over the last year. Many times the speakers underlined that the Magento community is growing with every passing day and you can only agree with it when you take a look at the growing number of Magento conferences’ participants.

magento conference numbers

Magento 2.3.3. was released shortly before the conference, and its functionality, capabilities and upgraded performance were in the list of the prime topics. As you might know, together with this latest version of the platform the Magento company has decided to start releasing not only the major quality updates but also the security patches separately. If you hear about it for the first time, check out our article and find out the details. Jason Woosley, Vice President of Commerce Product & Platform at the Adobe company underlined the importance of this change for the whole Magento community in his presentation.

Besides spreading the ecommerce knowledge among the professionals, some of the presentations were especially helpful for the beginners. There are developers who have just started working with ecommerce and they do not know much about the customers’ expectations yet. Besides the obvious diligence and politeness, there are certain rules that any developer should follow to get a loyal long-term customer.

The conference has lasted for three days, and there were a lot of interesting topics brought to discussion. One of them is how different generations approach online shopping. Millennials, Generation Z, Baby Boomers, Generation X – we all have special traits that are common only for the people of our age. Ecommerce is not only about creating a good website, but it is also about knowing your customer better than anyone else. Want to win the market? Learn who this market consists of.

One of the most waited presentations of Magento Live Amsterdam is the one titled “Early Adopters of Progressive Web Apps”. On the second day of the event, the guests attended the speech by the early adopters of progressive web apps that use PWA with Magento. They provide outstanding shopping experience and help to level up the Front End development standards in ecommerce. The mobile future belongs to the PWA system as it creates a mobile app kind of experience without downloading any apps.

The BelVG team unanimously agreed that Dame Stephanie Shirley, Founder and Life President at the Information Technology Company, F.I. Group Plc had the most inspiring and up-to-date presentation. Her story and shared experience certainly found the way to the hearts and minds of the whole audience.

Wrapping it up, we would like to say that Magento Live Europe is a must-visit event for all the professional development teams, ecommerce enthusiasts and the merchants. It greatly contributes to enlarging the Magento community and welcomes more and more guests every time. In case you were not fortunate to visit the Amsterdam event, there is still a chance for you to get tickets for the next important ecommerce gathering – Meet Magento Spain on October 28, 2019.

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The marketing team would like to thank specifically Dmitry Feduleev – our Head of Custom Development – for providing the pictures from the event!

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