Magento Announced Braintree Integration into Default PWA

Aug 1, 2019

775 Luba Andreeva

Magento Announced Braintree Integration into Default PWA

Magento has always placed customers shopping experience to the foreground willing to improve its integrated features and move the platform to the next level. Knowing precisely that payments and checkouts are critical to providing excellent shopping experiences, the Magento team has integrated Braintree into the Venia – their default PWA storefront.

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What is RWA?
Braintree integration into PWA

What is PWA?


In November 2018, Magento 2.3 released with PWA Studio, and since then Progressive Web Applications (PWA) are rightfully a popular option among the merchants around the globe who look for excellent mobile solutions to increase their conversion rates. App-like cross-channel experiences are remarkably personalized. Previously website owners had to create special native applications to provide their customers with mobile device compatibility. Thanks to the Progressive Web Applications now they can easily optimize their website and provide their clients with outstanding shopping experience through a present-day tablet, mobile, and desktop device capabilities.

Progressive Web Applications are the tool which is meant to revolutionize mobile commerce. It encourages active user engagement speeding up scrolling, providing structured navigation system, and ensuring that your customers get essential information first. With the help of PWA, the pages of your online store will load so quickly that barely loading pages will never be the reason for your potential customers to purchase elsewhere. Compared to native apps, PWA avoids heavy data usage, making it beneficial for those who have limited data plans. One more important advantage is that PWA is right here, in any browser, and there is no need for you to download an extra app before use.

Braintree integration into PWA



Braintree (from PayPal) is a perfect solution for those who need a trusted gateway and look for a way to start conducting debit and credit transactions as quick and easy as possible. Both ease of use and conversion rate will be improved once your customers notice the known to everyone “Pay by card” option in your interface.

In June 2019, Magento has announced that from now onwards Braintree is integrated into PWA storefront Venia by default.

Online shopping experience should be as smooth, quick and easy as possible, and Braintree and Magento see eye to eye on that point completely. The shoppers are already familiar with Braintree’s card flow, and there is no need for them to adjust to new payment systems.

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So far, developers and partners are exceedingly satisfied with the product and provide positive feedback. Find out more about PWA features here. Have you already tried the PWA Studio? Share your experience in comments down below.

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