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Magento 2 Marketing Strategies

Oct 4, 2017

851 Vladislav Yunusov

Magento 2 Marketing Strategies

Modern ecommerce market is full of small and mid-sized as well as large businesses that are constantly competing with each other. The key idea they adhere to is to attract as many customers as possible in order to push up sales. That’s why marketing strategies are so top-requested. You’re proposed to find out more details about marketing strategies in Magento 2 and the benefits it may bring to your business.


Omnichannel is assured to be a cutting-edge approach based on providing customers with a seamless shopping experience. It makes no difference if the customer does shopping online via a mobile device or desktop or calling the store manager by phone or even making a purchase in the brick-and-mortar store. The key point is to guarantee the integrity of shopping process. Focusing on the crucial idea, it implies a true integration between channels on the back end. For example, first off, the customer has found the desired product by surfing the online store via his working desktop. Then when returning home, he can define product availability via his mobile device. Finally, at the weekend he has found suitable product size and bought the product in the offline shop.



Multichannel means multiple channels with the help of which web store owners interact with customers. All the channels including offline store, emails, catalogs, web store, social media, text messaging are used for selling goods and services. The main idea is to reach a prospective customer and encourage him to buy a product. Obviously, the type of ecommerce business impacts on the channels suitable for it. Why are all the channels so essential? Such channel as social media has appeared as a result of modern trends related to the Internet. If previously, print sources and TV broadcasting were in great request, now they’re taking a back seat due to modern technologies.

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First off, ecommerce business owners maximize marketing efforts via channels. Then they start collecting feedback left by various customer segments. Focusing on the feedback, it’s important to determine what channel is weaker and what improvements are necessary to implement.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way to sell your goods by offering an affiliate program to companies. In this case, they have to represent your product while you’re responsible for paying a commission for every lead they drive to your web store. Why is it useful? Having chosen a right affiliate, you can find out the untapped markets full of prospects you have not reached before. If you’ve found the appropriate affiliate, you should provide him with an affiliate program and a link with the help of which you can define the lead is driven by his partner.

Moreover, you should make sure you’re not fighting with your affiliate for eyeballs. All marketing channels you’re applying should be inaccessible for your affiliate. Since you’re the owner of the affiliate program, you can put some restrictions.

Social marketing

Social marketing is the way of promoting your ecommerce business via social media platforms. Having chosen the most popular social networks in your regions, such as Facebook and Instagram, you create the official page of your web store, attract as many users as possible and get them involved in the different contest, leaving feedback, putting likes. Why should you get your ecommerce business connected with social media? The most compelling reason is that social networks are being surfed by more than 80% of users daily. Why not turn it to advantage?


As for social media for Magento web stores, many web store owners prefer using it as a platform full of the target audience. Usually, social media icons are placed at the bottom of the website. But sometimes you can face one of the greatest ways when it is placed on every product page below product descriptions.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a way of using emails to enhance sales for your web store. For some web store owners, it’s a rather simple process to send emails to people who have already abandoned their shopping carts. For others, it implies various campaigns that work together to increase sales. The dominant idea is to build relationships with your customers. Sending emails on Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, confirmation emails and thank you emails, you get customers involved in your business more than someone else. That’s why you need to focus on your primary goal and make an email that encourages users to return to your web store.

How is the idea implemented in Magento web shops? One of the most convenient ways is to install Magento extension dedicated to email and SMS marketing.

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