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Magento 2 Brief Review for Beginners

Jan 24, 2018

1341 Vladislav Yunusov

Magento 2 Brief Review for Beginners

The brief review implies having a look at every page shoppers visit while purchasing some items in your webstore. The way from studying suggestions to buying products is called “path to purchase”. Besides, all the key points relating to Magento 2.2 as well as its importance for attracting customers and increasing orders should be mentioned.

The way for purchasing

“Path to purchase” is the steps a shopper should complete before getting the shopping done. That’s why it is necessary to define the pages that are of great value. These pages and the way they are designed work on customer’s conscience spurring them into action. In any case, various store features should be considered as it encourages customers to buy items.

Home Page
It is believed to be one of the most important features of the webstore that allures shoppers and makes them study up on it.

Catalog page
On the page the products are shown in a grid or list format. A shopper can select products according to the category chosen from the main menu or it may be the result of the search. Any item can contain comprehensive description to provide customers with more essential details.

Search results
Have you ever heard that visitors who look for necessary items with the help of search bar complete a purchase twice oftener than those who use just navigation?

Product page
Customers are provided with detailed data on every item in the catalog. Here shoppers have a possibility to read reviews and compare products. Items can be added to the wish list or placed into the shopping carts.

Shopping cart
It contains items and relevant data with selected price and quantity. Subtotal is calculated as well. It is possible to apply discount coupons.

Home Page

Do you know it takes seconds before deciding to continue surfing the site or not? In fact, visitors can determine their attitude at first glance. That’s why website owners should focus on the idea and get customers impressed. Such key point as design should be created according to the customer’s needs and characterized by uniqueness. Besides, different product photos should be placed as it is a good way to capture visitor’s attention. Based on the idea, you apply up-to-date innovations that trigger customers to deepen into shopping experience.


  • Main menu
  • Your account
  • Feature a brand
  • Search
  • Offer a discount
  • Offer a promotion
  • Appeal to a lifestyle
  • Popular products
  • Footer content
  • Subscribe
  • Hear from an expert
  • Shop by fabric

  Magento brief_1

Catalog page

Catalog page includes small product images and brief descriptions that are shown in a grid or list format. Banners, videos, details can be added to make customers have a full image of the products. If there is a promotion, special design can be created also. You have a possibility to form a particular category to feature a brand that is stood out from various categories. The brief description of a product furnishes enough information for those shoppers who know what they want to purchase. Such customers usually add an item to the cart and continue online shopping. For the rest of shoppers, it is necessary to enrich descriptions to meet customer’s needs.


  • Breadcrumb tail
  • Change the list style
  • Sort the list
  • Filter the list
  • Go to next page
  • Read a review
  • Show more per page

Magento brief_2

Search results

Have you ever heard that visitors who look for necessary items with the help of search bar complete a purchase twice oftener than those who use just navigation? Such shoppers can be considered “pre-qualified”.

There is a search box on the right corner and a link to advanced search in the footer. All the search queries submitted by shoppers are saved, so you are informed what products shoppers are interested in. Suggestions can be offered by you. Besides, synonyms and common misspelling can be entered. A specific page, when a search query is entered, is displayed.


  • Search criteria
  • Sort by
  • Search results
  • Show per page
  • Next page
  • Advanced search

Magento brief_3

Product page

The main image placed on the product page primarily attracts attention. These images should be with a high-resolution zoom and thumbnail gallery. On an equal basis with product availability and pricing, a tabbed section should be placed with additional information and related products.


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  • Mini shopping cart
  • A little help
  • Product rating
  • Stock availability
  • Choose the options
  • Zoom
  • Buy it now
  • Email a friend
  • Add to your wish list
  • Compare products
  • Thumbnail
  • Product details
  • Add all to cart
  • Related products

Magento brief_4

Shopping cart

It is a place that keeps a record of the items that shoppers have chosen to buy, before they actually buy them. The cart also contains the total amount of the purchase including discount coupons, taxes, estimated shipping. Moreover, it is considered to be an appropriate time to offer one last item. If it is used as a cross sell, you can select definite items to be suggested as an impulse buying.


  • One item in cart
  • Change the quantity
  • Estimate shipping and tax
  • Go to checkout
  • Edit line item
  • Update the cart
  • Checkout with multiple addresses
  • Use a coupon
  • Cross-sells
  • Special price

Magento brief_5

Customer trip

Draw new customers
Magento Community Edition 2.2 contains SEO functionality by default. Increase your search ranking that helps to magnetize more customers.

Induce customers
While designing your website, focus on distinctive features that can engage shoppers to continue exploring your site.

Enhance AOV
Using promotions and quality content, you can drive customers to do shopping more often that enhances average order value.

Moment of purchase
The way of checking out should be simple and fast for shoppers. All the necessary payments including taxes and shipping should be calculated automatically.

Customer retention
Newsletters containing promotion data should be sent to customers to keep up their motivation.

Loyalty and advocacy
Make customers be involved in the process of providing feedback, creating wish lists, sharing their shopping experience with friends. All the mentioned ways can help to strengthen relationship with customers that makes them think of your business in a positive light.

Draw customers

 Magento Community Edition 2.2 is full of characteristics that contribute to turning the site into “search engine friendly”. Moreover, it conduces to attracting right customers interested in your goods.

Search engine optimization
New Magento version possesses all the necessary tools for promoting your website in the search engine. Focusing on the SEO process, the visibility of your website site is increasing, so more visitors can be converted into your customers.

Custom URLs
Custom URLs should be short, simple and easy to remember. It can be autogenerated to coincide with the requirement.

Meta data
Engine rankings can be enhanced by using specific criteria that promotes your product and makes it easier to be found by search engines.

Customers should be provided with an overview of the catalog structure with links to all the products, so it needs to be linked to a sitemap from the footer of the store. It can be easy integrated with Google Sitemap.

Third-party analytics tools can be integrated as well. It guarantees you detailed statistics on traffic and sales.

Entice your customers

Magento Community Edition 2.2 is characterized by simplifying the way to create a customized online shopping experience. Make your customers be interested in exploring your site providing them with necessary tools for reaching their goals easily.

Content management
The way to store pages completely or partially is easy nowadays. Everybody without having a technology background can manage site content.

The visual elements of the webstore can be controlled and applied to every page of the store that brings your business a complete image.

Multiple stores, sites and views
Analytics from a single admin can be monitored while controlling the multiple sites.

Multiple devices
Magento’s upgraded features simplify the process of storefront development compatible with iPhone, Android, and Mobile Opera browsers to follow the “mobile first” tendency.

Shopping tools
A webstore contains the number of shopping tools that encourage customers to have a pleasant experience and an opportunity to share with friends.

Sophisticated search
Products can be filtered by price, producer or another criterion to save shopping time.

Moment of purchase

Moment of purchase is believed to be one of the key step for purchasing an item. Customers involved in shopping experience should have an opportunity to complete it in one click. Magento is created to provide a background for enhancing checkout process as well as increasing sales.

Order processing
Magento guarantees successful management of order processing workflow. Order statuses are customized easily while the communication between a client and a sales rep is monitored. 

Shipping labels
All the package characteristics including weight and size are under control. Shipping labels, rate and bar code data comes from a carrier. At the same time labels can be produced not only for single, but also for multiple orders.

Multiple shipping options
Various shipping methods are supported by Magento providing customers with checkout choices. Estimate of shopping charges can be seen by customers on a real time basis.

Multiple payment options
All the modern payment methods and currencies are supported by Magento. Any method suitable for a customer can be selected by him.

PayPal merchant solution
The integration of PayPal payment account can be performed easily to assure more secure payment process.

Shopping Assistance
It is easier to create orders due to assisted shopping.

Magento has enhanced the security level based on up-to-date encryption methods including CAPTCHA and SSL that protect users’ account from being hacked.

Get average order value increased

The variety of tools that promote your business by attracting more customers is furnished by Magento. Using them in a right way can exceed your expectations.

Create promotions that raise customer awareness of a product and generate sales.

Limited-time offers should be created to encourage customers to purchase items. Besides, it should be displayed correctly on a mobile device.

Product suggestions
Do not forget about cross-sell and up-sell approaches as well as related products. All the gimmicks can enhance your conversion.

Full-page caching
Performance can be enhanced if to cache primary pages that elevates server response time and, as a consequence, sustainable traffic.

Customer retention

Magento ensures all the necessary facilities to build brand loyalty. It allows you to use rewards programs, custom coupons, automated emails for making customers come back.

Custom coupons
Offer custom online coupons and discounts for events as special promotions. Create them focusing on your design for social media or email.

One of the best ways to get in touch with customers is to send them newsletter. They will be kept up-to-date of the latest news concerning your webstore.

RSS feed
It gives users the ability to read the updates from the site delivered via RSS feeds. Besides, it allows subscribers to see content within a very short time after it’s updated.

Loyalty and Advocacy

It is necessary to create a special connection between your brand and a customer. What should you need for this? Just allow shoppers to have their own accounts where purchase history and wishlists can be observed. Give your customers an opportunity to get feedback and share their opinion with friends.

Dashboard snapshots
Try to determine what products are of high interest for customers. Focusing on the information, get the products put on sale or undergone cross and up-sell.

Customer accounts
Shopping experience should be customized for every client implying the possibility of sharing it with friends. Customers should be allowed to save their preferences and manage their personal information.

Advocacy tools
Customers who share their positive shopping experience with their friends help your business more flourished. Personalized lists can be formed by customers, so it is easy to share with potential clients.


Opening your Magento store for business means the following issues to be considered. There are a great variety of customizations necessary to be used for starting.

If you face challenges while setting up your store, you can ask Magento Solutions Partners.

You can use ready-made theme for your website or develop your truly unique theme.

Product catalog
Form categories configure items and import existing product catalog.

Payment methods
The diversity of payment methods suggested by Magento meet customers’ needs.

Shipping methods
Shipping methods offered by Magento give the ability to connect with carriers all over the world.

Taxes can be managed with the help of native tools or external party extensions.

Thanks for your order!
Magento helps to enhance relations with customers and make them durable.

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