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Magento 1.7 Release Brings a New Mobile Interface. Pros and Cons.

Apr 26, 2012

435 Denis Guriyanov

Magento 1.7Magento 1.7 release is marked not only by the correction of old bugs and new nice features appearance, but also by the emerging of a new mobile interface. The new design looks fresh and catchy as far as it has been completely revised and redrawn in Magento brand colors, which create a unity of style. This theme is perfect for those sites, allowing guests visiting it from mobile phones.


Igor Dragun
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– A new modern appearance, which significantly increases user-friendliness;
– Use of new technologies and techniques (HTML5, CSS3), that makes it easy to support and develop;

– Menu is designed in the form of the drop-down list, and there is room for the search bar;

– It’s possible to enter the second-level directory without page reload that speeds up the navigation and saves the traffic;
– The slider and image zoom with the support of touch events are added, that makes browsing comfortable on mobile touch devices;

– The ability to add product to the cart, using drag and drop;


– Demo store does not support Android and tablets. Settings corrections are needed;
– Some images are not optimized for a screen larger than 320px, which becomes visible upon landscape viewing and using of non-standard screen sizes;

– There is no way to go back to the product image zoom page;
– It’s difficult to figure out how to add products to the cart, using drag and drop method.

Igor Dragun
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  1. This site is not working in magneto community 1.8.1 in Iphone & smartphones.

    Please help me out about this problem…


  2. Paul,

    First, your theme should comply with Magento 1.7 mobile standards.

    The installation process of mobile themes for Magento 1.7 is the same. All mobile features typical for Magento 1.7 will be displayed automatically when you define Expression (your mobile device) and Value (theme name) in System -> Configuration -> Design -> Theme in your admin panel.

  3. Brad,

    The problem solutions depend on whether you have upgraded Magento to 1.7 version. If yes – clear the cache. If you still use other Magento versions, it’s difficult to give a proper answer for what’s wrong without accessing your website.

  4. Hi, sorry to bother you, but hopefully you can help. I cannot get the new theme to display using magento ce 1.7 I still get the mobile theme from 1.6.2 It sounds like you might know how to make this work? Any help would be appreciated, this is the first search result I’ve been able to find on the subject. Thank You!

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