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Let’s Get Magento Website Performance Improved

Aug 8, 2017

314 Vladislav Yunusov

Let’s Get Magento Website Performance Improved

Magento is an ecommerce platform which is much sought after with online entrepreneurs who sell products. The platform possesses various up-to-date features as well as functionalities that help to sharpen the business by soliciting customers.

On the one hand, it may seem perfect with no drawbacks. But on the other hand, there are some limitations including low speed, technical complexity for newbies, strict requirements. That’s why any time when a web shop owner is going to increase sales, it is closely connected with improving website performance which is considered as a challenging task for Magento developers.

Actually, load speed is a crucial point if your objective is to get a steady traffic flow and better rankings. It’s obvious that with a high load speed you can turn your web shop traffic into sales easily. If you’ve faced the problem how to improve Magento web shop performance, the article will be helpful for. You’re suggested to follow the advice explained by certified developers.

Advice 1: give preference to a reliable hosting

hostingThe first point you should pay attention to is hosting. If your project is a blog or a personal website, the excellent solution for you is to select shared hosting. But when we speak about the large project running on Magento, the only appropriate way is dedicated hosting. Despite the fact Magento is in great request, the platform is slower than other similar platforms such as WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify. Having applied dedicated hosting, you enhance your website performance, as a dedicated server is assured to be better than shared hosting due to scalability, resources availability, customer support. Moreover, web shops which have given preference to dedicated hosting are protected enough.

Advice 2: keep your web store updated

New Magento versions are being constantly released having enhancements as well as the number of new features. Every new release is an updated version which overcomes an obstacle better than its predecessors. In case you doubt if to switch to the recent version or not, go with the first variant and prefer migration to Magento 2.

Advice 3: use multi-language support

If your aim is to cover many regions by selling your products like, for example, Amazon, you should provide your customers with multi-language support as well as a variety of currencies. It’s a necessity which helps to reach out the wider market. For this reason, Magento is considered as one of the best solutions, as it allows representing catalog in several currencies and languages with no need to change the website for definite regions.

Advice 4: simplify checkout

Let’s Get Magento Website Performance Improved

Every web store owner is eager to create a user-friendly web store which gets customers satisfied with their shopping experience. They try to present the variety of products and an excellent customer support which attract shoppers. But despite all these gimmicks, there’s a problem left which is related to shopping cart abandonment. Unfortunately, a lot of ecommerce website faces a higher shopping cart abandonment rate, though they’ve applied energies to enhance sales. Don’t you know why it happens? The reason is the complex checkout process. Customers always leave the site if the checkout requires much time and additional information which seems useless. In this case, to avoid losing your customers you should simplify checkout process and make it easy-to-use. 

Advice 5: make images compressed

If your website is filled with the number of products to sell, the web pages need to be resized to get the performance increased. Such elements placed on your website as several product images, description, content, JavaScript, CSS, tags make your website heavy. What should you do in this case? It’s necessary to have the size of your web pages small and try not to use big image. With the help of image compression extension.

Advice 6: limit extensions

Applying Magento extensions is one of the efficient solutions to propel your business to the next level. Having installed third party integrations as well as extensions, you increase the website functionality and, consequently, provide customers with contemporary features needed for a pleasant shopping experience. When using several extensions and redirections, the website is getting slower that leads to users’ decline.

It would be beneficial for your website performance to reduce the number of extensions installed on your site. As a result, load on the server will be also reduced making your site fast.

Advice 7: activate caching

Let’s Get Magento Website Performance ImprovedCaching is the simplest way for improving website performance. There’re two ways to activate caching on your website.

Way 1: go to System > Cache Management> – Choose all items – set the Action dropdown to “Enable”, and submit.

Way 2: Install Magento extension for caching.

The second way is supposed to be more useful for those who are not familiar with Magento development details and want to avoid some negative consequences caused by improper installation.

Advice 8: be mobile-friendly

The number of users browsing the net via mobile devices is continuously increasing. Your site must be optimized for mobile devices if you don’t want to miss out on the chance to win sales. To get traffic and leads via mobile devices, get your site responsive and make sure that users don’t encounter the problem with accessing your web store.  Moreover, mobile-friendly websites rank well in search engines that bring your benefits too.

Armed with the information described above, you can easily overcome an obstacle called website performance. If you still have any problems needed explanation, feel free and ask our team for help! You’ll be assisted as soon as possible.

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