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Inspirational Checkouts of the Web Stores Running on Magento

Aug 18, 2017

394 Vladislav Yunusov

Inspirational Checkouts of the Web Stores Running on Magento

Any feature on a web store can be a great tool for increasing conversion rates. Checkout is considered one of the best tools nowadays that can trigger customers to purchase as soon as possible or vice versa scare customers away. So today we’re going to represent some inspirational checkouts and compare them.

The first web store which undergoes in-depth analyses is We’re going to purchase intense on ice, which is considered to be a bold coffee specifically designed. Having learned all necessary data on the product, you should click on the button “add to bag” placed below the product image.

Inspirational checkouts of the web stores running on Magento

After clicking, a popup appears and suggests choosing quantity needed. There’s an option when you can select from proposed number or even enter your own quantity.

Inspirational checkouts of the web stores running on Magento1Having chosen 20 product items, the small window appears where it is written: “you’ve just added to your basket” and disappears. There is no transfer from the button to the cart immediately. So a customer can keep on shopping, and only when he decides it’s enough he’ll have to return to the cart. It seems rather convenient, as nothing distracts from purchasing.

In case you want to complete your purchase, you should go to your shopping bag placed at the right corner of the web store.

Inspirational checkouts of the web stores running on Magento2    Inspirational checkouts of the web stores running on Magento3

Firstly, you should click on the line “checkout”, then a new page opens where there are two ways offered. The first one implies you’re a returning customer, so all you need is to enter your email address and password.The second one means you’re a new customer. After selecting this way, we’re presented a registration form required to complete. It includes your name, surname, email address and its confirmation, password and its confirmation as well.

Inspirational checkouts of the web stores running on Magento4

The form to purchase consists of five steps. A new customer should fill in all forms including general information, delivery address, payment data, order details and order confirmation. Every step contains a lot of lines necessary to complete. Actually, the whole procedure covers a truckload of information and takes much time and effort.

The advantage of the web store, a newbie having entered data becomes a returning customer, so in the future, there will be no need to complete the purchase process. Besides, delivery can be tracked. For those who have already bought something on the web store, it doesn’t take so much time, as all needed lines have been filled in. The only significant point is to confirm your delivery address.

The checkout option is supposed to be inconvenient, so during the process a customer can change his mind and call it off.

Helly Hansen is a world-known brand which produces sportswear including textiles and gear for sports and work on the ocean and in the mountains. The company lays emphasis on quality of a product, that’s why it has held leading positions for many years. Moreover, there’s a web store based on Magento where all items can be purchased.

Inspirational checkouts of the web stores running on Magento6

The product page consists of product images as well as data required to select. Having chosen color and need size, we can add to cart provided that the product is in stock.Inspirational checkouts of the web stores running on Magento7

After clicking the button “add to cart”, the line automatically appears providing you with the information mentioned above. After receiving data, you can go shopping. In case you’re ready to make a purchase, you should click the cart icon placed at the top right corner.

Inspirational checkouts of the web stores running on Magento8

Purchase process consists of two stages. On the first stage, you should fill in the necessary data concerning delivery address, name, and surname, postal code. After entering needed data, you’re allowed to take the second stage relating to payment.

All in all, the process is quite simple and doesn’t take much time. A customer shouldn’t be regular and have his account on the web store. All you should carry out is to fill in required fields and that’s all. But there’s the flip side of the checkout option, as shopping data will not be stored for future transactions, so it’s inconvenient in case you’re going to purchase here one more time.

Olympus is a brand known all over the world. It specializes in optics and reprography products. Olympus has held the leading position on the market for many years and keeps its web store updated.

Inspirational checkouts of the web stores running on Magento9

Having chosen a camera of interest, we’re going to complete the purchase. That’s why it’s necessary to click the button placed at the top right corner “buy now”.

Inspirational checkouts of the web stores running on Magento10

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After clicking, you’re on the page where you should select the definite camera you’d like to buy. Having chosen the definite camera and added to cart, a new page with a product appears. Besides, a notification line arizes at the top.Inspirational checkouts of the web stores running on Magento11In case you want to proceed to check out, you need to click the button “proceed to check out”. But before performing it, let’s pay attention to the features placed on the page. Firstly, you’re proposed to enter a discount code with the help of which you decrease your payment. Secondly, you can estimate shipping and tax in advance by providing country, state, and postal code. It seems quite convenient, as you’re aware of the purchase. Having learned the data, you can go to check out.Inspirational checkouts of the web stores running on Magento12

As for checkout page, on the web store is differs from the web shops described above. It consists of three types including login with social networks (Facebook, Google, Amazon, Paypal), as a returning customer if you’ve already purchased items before, or creating an account.Inspirational checkouts of the web stores running on Magento13

In any case, whatever payment method you choose, it doesn’t take much time and is considered as a convenient way for present-day users. This is a distinctive feature of the web store that stands out on the market and meets customers’ needs.

Monin is a famed company that specializes in liquor and syrup flavors. The company runs its own web store developed on Magento by BelVG. Any customer all over the world has a possibility to purchase a needed item sitting at home, so let’s check the web store to realize if it fits customers’ expectations.Inspirational checkouts of the web stores running on Magento14

Having chosen a necessary product, we’d like to add it to cart. On the website the button “add to cart” is placed on the product page below the comprehensive description of the product. After learning the data, you should select the option implying the size of the product. In our case, these are 375 mL for 12.95$. Then it’s necessary to select the number of the product. So two flavors are chosen by us.Inspirational checkouts of the web stores running on Magento15

After choosing all needed parameters, we should click the button “add to cart”. After adding to the cart, there’s a notification what to proceed then: you may continue shopping or view cart. So it’s up to you what to do then. In our case, we’ve chosen “view cart”.

Inspirational checkouts of the web stores running on Magento16

Then shopping cart page appears where all items are summarized and you’re provided the total sum of your purchase. If everything is ok, you should click the button “proceed to checkout”.

Inspirational checkouts of the web stores running on Magento17

As for checkout, Monin web store has a variety of payment methods, so it looks rather up-to-date and can get a customer satisfied with such it. There’re three ways to proceed checkout. If you’re a regular customer, all you need is to enter the data that has already been filled in. In this case it takes little time as everything is prepared for the process. If you’re a new customer, you can check out as a guest. Here you should fill in more information as this is the first time when you’ve bought anything on the website. One more excellent feature is a possibility to use your Facebook account that seems quite convenient and simplifies the whole process. So as you can see, the web store which is interested in its customers provides all present-day features to make shopping experience pleasant.

Inspirational checkouts of the web stores running on Magento18

The well-known brand of exclusive cars runs its web store where various products can be purchased including clothes for men and women.

Inspirational checkouts of the web stores running on Magento19

First of all, you should choose a necessary product and define all required parameters before purchasing it. Required parameters include color, size, and quantity. All this can be done in case if a product is in stock. After choosing, click the button “add to bag”.

Inspirational checkouts of the web stores running on Magento20

The notification appears at the top right corner of the web store. This is a shopping bag with data relating to your order. So you can ignore the notification or choose one of the two suggested ways: checkout or view and edit bag in case if you’d like to alter, for example, the size of the product.Inspirational checkouts of the web stores running on Magento21

On the checkout page, you’re proposed to complete four steps necessary to the process. Firstly, you should enter your email address. In case you’ve already ordered products, your account exists so the password can confirm it. If you’re a new customer, you have two ways: the first one is to create an account, the second one implies a guest access, so you can postpone creating an account. Next steps mean delivery data, payment and confirmation. In fact, it doesn’t take much time, but unfortunately, there is no payment method attached to social networks. It can simplify the process a lot.

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