Image Settings in Prestashop 1.7

Sep 27, 2017

5840 Vladislav Yunusov

Image Settings in Prestashop 1.7

We receive a lot of questions about Prestashop 1.7 website managing. So today I’m going to show you how to configure image sizes.

At first, you should know, that all images that you upload on Prestashop, are automatically resized in different versions for different purposes, such as smaller size images for catalog, preview, thumbnails, etc. So it’s enough to upload the only image of the best quality to make it appear in different areas. And one more important thing you should care about is size ratio. Make sure you upload images with correct dimensions to prevent blank spaces on the resized images.

Ok, let’s log into Admin Panel, then find Design section and click Image Setting under it.

Here is a list of image types you have on your site. These types depend on the theme that is installed.

Image Settings in Presashop 1.7_1

In case you want to add a new one, simply click Add new image type button. Then name it, define width and height parameters and choose to which type of content it applies. That’s it, and don’t forget to click Save button.

Image Settings in Presashop 1.7_2

Let’s get to the next section. It’s Images Generation Options.

Image format. JPEG format is recommended due to the higher compression ratio. But if you want to minimize images quality loss because of a format change, choose the option number 2: “Use PNG only if the base image is in PNG format”.
JPEG compression. It’s highly recommended to set this value not lower than 80.
PNG compression. It’s highly recommended to set this value not higher than 6.
Generate images based on one side of the source image. Here you can set the position of an image in the frame.


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  • Choose “Height” in order to fill the frame height.
  • Choose “Width” so that the image fills the width of the frame.
  • Choose “Automatic” so that the width and height are calculated to maximize the space it can occupy in the frame.

Customer Images Uploader

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Maximum file size of product customization pictures. By default, this value is 8,388,608 bytes (8 Mb). And this is a limit for pictures that are being uploaded by your customers. You can expand this value if necessary, but make sure that your PHP installation is able to take file uploads of this size, and I don’t think it’s a good idea to clutter up your server with giant size images.
Product picture width. Set up the maximum width of the image that customers can upload.
Product picture height. Set up the maximum height of the image that customers can upload.
Generate high-resolution images. This is needed to make sure the images will look correct on the screens with high pixel density. It will create new files with a resolution twice higher.

Image Settings in Presashop 1.7_3

And the last section is Regenerate Thumbnails. This is very useful in case you want to regenerate your thumbnails simultaneously and for some specific type of content.

So first you should change image size settings in the table above, then select the content type where images should be regenerated, choose whether erase or not previous images and finally click the Regenerate thumbnails button.

Image Settings in Presashop 1.7_4

So now you know how to configure images in Prestashop 1.7. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below.

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  1. Hi! I’ve installed prestashop My web server config is nginx + php-fpm + apache.
    I have an issue: all my product images has strange source like “192-home_default/hammer-drill-and-impact-driver-combo-kit-.jpg” and all returns 404. Path part 192-hone_default looks very strange. Do you have any ideas about this trouble?

  2. Hi,
    log into Admin Panel, then find Design section and click Image Setting under it. All uploaded images should meet the requirements of the website.

  3. Hi Vlad,

    I’m here to ask you about the image that i upload to my prestashop web that i develope. Why all the images are pixelated and gets blury when i uploaded into my website. How can i fix this?

  4. Hi Vlad,

    Thanks for your articles regarding setting up PRESTASHOP 1.7. I found the resolution of thumbnail is always very low and therefore lowering the attraction to customers. Here below is the link is my store: Would you like to have a look please? Thanks heaps.
    Best Regards

  5. Hi, Causam! Thanks for your question.
    Actually, the article was on image settings only, that’s why there is no information about how to enable or use image.
    But we will take into account your question and will answer it in the articles on new PrestaShop version – 1.7.5.

  6. Ok, so you have created a new image type. Great. Wonderful. Faaaaantastic. How do you actually ENABLE or USE the new image type in say for instance, your Product page?

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