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How to Prepare Your Store for High Load

Oct 26, 2015

344 Andrey Dubina

How to Prepare Your Store for High Load

US Retail Federation forecasts that online sales will grow by 12% over last year.

During sales your ecommerce site faces increase in traffic. Are you sure that your Magento store is ready for it?

Don’t forget to review your configuration settings to ensure your online store works correctly and is ready for high load.

Magento platform is flexible and is open for significant customization. But there is the risk that such customizations will introduce the risk of inefficiency. There are several features that if configured correctly can improve the performance of your store.

Let’s check together what you can do to get your online store ready for Black Friday, Halloween, Christmas, NY or other periods of time when your website experiences high load.

1. Full Page Caching

Simple Cache Management is available in Magento Admin panel. But this configuration is not as efficient as Full Page Caching can be.

Full Page Caching can significantly speed up page load time, reduce the load on the server, improve website ranking and remarkably increase sales conversion.

We have a great solution for Full Page Caching. Check it out and consider installing it before your online store experiences high load.

2. Frontend Optimizations

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There are several options that you can configure to merge JS and CSS content, reduce the number of roundtrips for each page load and improve user experience. The users will not see improved page response time, but they will experience improved performance if you enable this setting.

3. Flat Catalog

If your store has more than 1000 SKU’s, you must pay attention to this aspect. Flat Catalog can really improve the performance of your online store. The flexible EAV (Entity Attribute Value) gives Magento users the ability to customize product attribute, but it affects performance in a bad way. The Flat Catalog can help to reduce the number and complexity of catalog queries and improve the response time.

Ask your service provider to enable this setting. There are only a few changes that are required to take a full advantage of the feature.

4. Magento Compilation

You can compile Magento installation files in order to create a single include path. This feature is designed to improve the performance and increase your page load speed by between 25% and 50%.

5. Compression

Server-side compression can reduce the size of your store pages (except that it doesn’t reduce the size of images). It can significantly reduce the time to return data from the server.

Ask your service provider to enable all these features and settings and don’t worry about the risk of high load during sales.

Or, if you don’t have a service provider, you can hire our team to do this job for you.

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