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How to Find Products with Broken Images in Prestashop

Sep 25, 2014

2040 Alex Simonchik

How to Find Products with Broken Images in Prestashop

Today we will explain how you can find products with empty images. By empty images we imply those pictures, which are indexed in the database, but the files are not physically located on the server. In such case users will see a gray question mark instead of a placeholder with the caption that the image for that product is not available.

How to Find Products with Broken Images in Prestashop

Igor Dragun
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As a result we will have a file with the list of products on the screen. For such products you need to delete the entries in the table ‘ps_imаge’, ‘ps_imаge_lаng’ and ‘ps_imаge_shоp’, and upload images for these products again.

Igor Dragun
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  1. Hi, this script looks really helpful as with the Prestashop CSV import function issues with image import I found myself with thousands of products with images missing.

    I cannot make this work though, I have php installed, the file is correctly loaded through ftp and I can run the script in command line (I have Prestashop 1.6 on Ubuntu, on AWS, I access to cmd using Putty), no error comes up, but it doesn’t do anything, there’s no output txt file anywhere to be found.

    Care to give me a hint?

  2. Hi Alex. Thank you very much for the script. I just don’t know how to implement it? Do i create a file using notepad and uploading to the root foler of the server, then access the files through my browser? Thank you.

  3. Hello,
    maybe you can help me with this. I sell engraved products and i use the Customization feature found on Product. Is there a way to enter fields and labels of the customization in bulk via csv file?
    Where are these data stored?

    Thank you.

  4. Hi Javier,

    Let me assure you that this code is good for version 1.6. Please, enable displaying errors to find out what exactly is wrong. But most probably you have specified a wrong path to the file config/

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