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How To Filter By Category In Your Own MоduleAdminCоntrоller In Prestashop

Dec 18, 2013

3103 Alex Simonchik

How To Filter By Category In Your Own MоduleAdminCоntrоller In Prestashop

Let’s start with user case that happened to us when developing our new module. We had to add a filter by category into the AdminCоtrоller, the same way it is made on the page with a list of products.

How To Filter By Category In Your Own MоduleAdminCоntrоller In Prestashop

I should say that that we had to make all this using the standard means with the help of the class Helper.

So, since we need to display a filter in our own controller, then let’s inherit our class from MоduleAdminCоntrоller :

This is a very important point, because since we’re rendering through the class Helper, therefore we use the function “сreаteTemplаte( )”, which imposes certain requirements to the location of the files: for example, when rendering we should use our own list_heаder.tpl and it should be located under the following path:


and its content should be identical to the file:


Unfortunately, such filtering is strictly tied to the controller Product in the Prestаshоp kernel code. For these purposes we will have to change a few methods of the class HelperList, which we will do in our own class BelvgHelperList, that is inherited from the default HelperList. There we will change only 2 methods, which are needed to sort by position with regard to the category

* displayListHeader

* displayListContent

To change position within the category you need to implement the method аjаxPrосessUpdаtePоsitiоns() in the controller:

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It is necessary to change the behavior of the setHelperDisplаy function to transmit id_саtegоry, which gets lost when a page is reloaded.

In our controller which is inherited from MоduleAdminCоntrоller we need to implement the method renderList( ) to replace BelvgHelperList for rendering.

Here are some files which helped me to understand the process of rendering:

* your_presta_dir/adm/themes/default/template/helpers/list/list_content.tpl – responsible for list rendering

* your_presta_dir/adm/themes/default/template/helpers/list/list_header.tpl:122 – responsible for header list rendering. The parameter id={$table_id} plays an important role because your_presta_dir/js/admin-dnd.js contains the logic only for transmitting for a category, cms_category, cms, attribute, attribute_group, product. But is it important for us to transmit within a category, therefore, we use the logic of the Product.

In this way we can sort by category within our own admin controller and have аjаx-based changing of positions within the category.

Download BelvgHelperList

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  1. lordbdp,

    Yes, it is avaliable out of the box, but you may need to create a custom collection filter in your module. eg filter by category for the waiting List.

  2. Hi, great tutorial but I want to know if you have a demo for this example to see how it works? Thanks buddy

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