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How to Edit Email Templates in Prestashop 1.7.

Apr 22, 2020

56501 Alexey Homiakov

How to Edit Email Templates in Prestashop 1.7.

Want to send out branded emails? First, you need to prepare proper content and eye-catching templates. Plain default designs won’t impress or encourage your customers to visit your website. Read this article to find out how to edit email templates in PrestaShop 1.7.

There are default email templates in PrestaShop. When do your customers receive such emails?

  • Creating an account on the website.
  • Subscribing to a newsletter.
  • Making a purchase.
  • Receiving a payment confirmation
  • Receiving a shipment confirmation and in some other cases.

You always have ready-made templates, but if you want these emails to look more unique, deliver more information to a customer and fit with your overall brand’s look better, you simply need to modify them. So, let’s consider in detail how to change email templates in PrestaShop 1.7.

The first way how you can do that is using the admin panel. You need to login and proceed to Improve section to:

International => Translations


How to edit PrestaShop email templates in admin panel


Here you will see the Modify Translations block. To edit email templates, select the following positions in drop-down menus:

  • Select the type of translation: Email Translations;
  • Select the type of email content: Body (in case you want to edit Email Subject just choose Subject);
  • Select your theme: Core (no theme selected);
  • Select your language: Choose the required language (in our case it’s English).

And then click the Modify button.


How to modify email templates in PrestaShop 1.7.


Here you will encounter email templates. Let’s take a look how you can edit, for example, Registration email. Click on Core Emails and select the account template.


edit prestashop 1.7. email templates


The View HTML version tab shows how the email recipient will see the message.



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View HTML version in PrestaShop email template configuration


You can make changes in the email template on the Edit HTML version tab. Here you can change the structure of the email template and its content using the WYSIWYG editor. Be careful when you edit the template using the editor, as you may accidentally delete the necessary layout. If you are familiar with HTML, we recommend to disable the WYSIWYG editor and work with the template code directly. You can do this by clicking on the Source code icon – “<>” (view the image below).


disable Source code in prestashop 1.7 edit email template

You can also edit only the content of the email with no risk to change the email template layout. To do this, go to the View/Edit TXT version tab.

email email content in prestashop 1.7.

Don’t forget to save all the changes and test the email to be sure that everything has been performed properly.


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The same way you can easily edit any other email template in this list.

You can also follow another strategy and edit email templates directly. Here you can use the FTP manager. Just proceed to the Mails directory and choose the folder with the necessary language. Then, you will see all the files with email templates.

prestashop 1.7. email template editor

Similar to the first option, here you can edit either a file with layout and content (for example, account.html) or a file with only the content of the email (resp. account.txt).


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  1. The ‘order confirmed’ e-mail sends the complete text of the Terms of Conditions attached to it, as the ‘welcome e-mail’ sends the privacy policy.

    I don’t want this. Placing a link instead of the complete text would be nicer but I can’t find it in the E-mail template. Do you know how and where to change this?

  2. Hi Mon, just follow the steps described in the article and you will find the solution:

    “Select the type of email content: Body (in case you want to edit Email Subject just choose Subject);”

  3. Hi everybody,
    I have prestashop 1.7.3 and i will need to change the subject of all mailsalerts. How knows some people how can i do it?
    Thank so much

  4. Dear Mark,

    all our articles offer fully working solutions. If you experience some issues or wish to extend provided code, our specialists can implement it on your installation for an additional charge. Drop us an email at [email protected]
    We’ll be happy to assist!

  5. Trying to change e-mails on PC using Notepad++, via FileZila.
    Copied emails in .html from server to my PC, I have made all what I needed All files has been saved and send them back via FileZila to the server.
    Checking in the BO (my PS 1.7.3 version ) for updates – NOTHING!
    Send all html again to my PC and what I see?! All changes are disappeared! All templates without any changes!

  6. Hi,
    When i change the html version, the text version don’t change ??? Do you now why?
    When i send email I receive on email the old version.

  7. Hi
    I just trying to set up emails confirming subscription and voucher email for new subscribers but when I’ll open template(in Modify translation) message pop up no subject found … in data base what shoul I do now? As no emails confirmation subscription going out.
    The rest of emails like account, order etc are ok. I’m using PS 1706

  8. Hi All,

    How to amend the subject of the email? I have [ ] next to my shop name and I want to wake them out. Is this possible.

    This in only on the subjects of all emails.


  9. Hi Alex, it’s hard to say why it goes this way without any investigation. Please check the access permissions to files.

  10. Hello, I have the same problem like Samuel, translated email template cleared cache but not work, I receive on email the old template translations, please help!

  11. one more info, I have set only 1 language in my store, there should not be any mistakes between selecting right language folders / translations. I do not know, why it is not synchronized correctly :-/

  12. I am sure that I have selected right theme, but I think there is some bug in PS 1.7, because I found out, that my website is loading translation from wrong folder on FTP, but translations in my administrations are from another folder. So I can only translate it manually on FTP.

    Have you meet with problem like this?

    What file is processing these links between administration and real view on webpage? Maybe there is some problem.

  13. Hi Samuel, please make sure that you selected the right theme in the list (theme that you use)

  14. Hello,

    I tried to edit email template and do everything you wrote, but no changes have appeared in test emails. Where can be a problem? I tried to clear cache, but still no changes. Is there some cache files that I should remove from FTP? Thanks

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