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How to Create a Selling “About Us” Page

Aug 27, 2018

1062 Luba Andreeva

How to Create a Selling “About Us” Page

“Tell us about yourself” – this is probably the best way to silence a person. The same thing is with the “about us” page for online stores. It is very important, although not easy, to write it, design a layout and create the final version. Merchants find it difficult to strike a balance between bragging and recognition of their own merit. In today’s article, we will learn how to write a proper “about us” page for ecommerce.

Write “About us” page

“About us” page is supposed to be one of the most frequently visited pages of your online store. People are willing to learn the unique story behind the company they buy from and the products they use. Attracting interest and inspiring confidence are the main purposes of this page. We have compiled a list of tips that will be helpful in achieving this effect.

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  • Tell your story. Share your history and experience with your customers. It is always the most curious part: how you got started and achieved your current position. Be inspiring and honest. But avoid being boring. You don’t have to write day-by-day becomings of your business. Filter information, highlight the key elements and remember to mention that your biggest achievements are still ahead.
  • Show your personality. If you own a small or middle-sized business don’t write the “about us” page in a boring corporate-speaking way. Show your customers real humans behind the product, communicate with visitors as if you were friends. A friendly tone with a little bit of humor will conquer indecisive buyers.
  • Provide reviews and awards. When making a decision about a purchase customers will look for reviews. So why don’t you take care about your visitors and simplify the buying process? Add a few testimonials on the page. Include customer’s full name and photo if it is possible to make feedback more real. Make sure that all reviews are up-to-date. Don’t hide the awards you have. They will also be very useful in building trusting relationships with your clients.
  • Take care about the page content. Use text, photos, timelines, infographics, everything that will catch customer’s eyes and make them stay on the page for as long as possible. Pay a special attention to videos, as they are a great tool for telling the company’s history in an illustrative way. Show your clients a manufacturing process if it is possible or invite them for a virtual tour around the office. Backstage is always interesting and exciting.
  • Calls to actions. Tell your customers what to do next after they read your story. All your effort to create the best “about us” page will be in vain if you don’t leave contacts, show the works or invite to visit the catalog.
  • Renewal. Your business is changing and growing just like everything around you. That’s why remember to update information on your webstore from time to time. Let customers see your progress and be a part of it.
  • Talk about your customers, not about yourself. It is the most important advice related to “about us” page. Focus on your audience and show customers you know their problems and how to solve them with the help of your products. Be customer-oriented instead of pretending to be such.

“About us” page could be of great assistance in turning visitors into customers. Create a new page using the tips above or check the one you already have and see how it affects your business.

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