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How to Communicate With Support Department Properly

Feb 6, 2017

256 Valeria Assetskaya

How to Communicate With Support Department Properly

If you experience a technical problem with our extension, theme or module, our support team will gladly assist you to fix the trouble and make our product run properly on your store.

We recommend you to follow these guidelines when you submit a ticket or write us an email reporting an issue or a bug.

It will help us to provide you with timely and effective support.

Please, notice that, accordingly to our license agreement, we offer free support within a year after purchase. It is required to check if your support period is still active.

First of all, give us a detailed description of the problem you experience.

You will help us recreate the problem so that we can better assist you. To do so, provide us with:

  • URL of the page we should check the issue on;
  • screenshots or video (you can use a web service like to upload the images and then provide us with the links in your reply);
  • and step-by-step instructions on how to recreate your issue at our end, i.e. Go to … Press … See the error… and so on.
  • Please provide us with as much information as possible like related orders, clients IDs, product SKUs etc.
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Secondly provide our support team with sufficient and correct access:

– for server access, make sure that our user has write permissions at least for the following folders and their content:














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It is basic set of folder we require. As the issue may be individual, we will require some additional access.

Please, specify the full path to the site the issue is present on if you have several installation on the server.

– for the Admin panel, we basically need to access at least to the following tabs:


System-> Cache Management

System-> Tools-> Compilation

System-> Index Management

System -> Manage Stores (for multistores)

System-> Configuration-> BelVG Extensions

System-> Configuration-> Advanced-> Advanced

System-> Configuration-> Advanced-> Developer


Modules -> Modules and Services

Advanced Parameters – > Performance


Of course, all tabs of our extension or module, as well as related one, if there are any(such as Customers, Orders, Products) should be available for our team.

The next important thing is to clarify if we are allowed to make tests, as it specifically matters for live stores.

Other than that, you need to confirm that we are allowed to update the extension/module/theme.

It is not rare, when it is enough to just update the module to the latest version so the reported issue is solved, instead wasting time on manual fix.

If you have any customization of the extension, backup your files, because your changes may be lost after the update.

And last but not least, please, provide us with essential info about the environment.

– custom changes; give us a list of customizations which were implemented and files which were modified.

– server cache; if you have one, either disable any external caching software, or provide us with the instructions how to clear it.

If you follow the above instructions, your issue will be resolved in a timely manner.

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