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How To Add HTML Links To Standard Prestashop E-Mail Messages

Mar 18, 2013

2078 Alex Simonchik

How To Add HTML Links To Standard Prestashop E-Mail Messages

As you probably have noticed the standard Prestashop order messages section settings do not allow creating messages which would contain HTML links with clickable anchor texts. But there is still a workaround you can use to add HTML links to your e-mail messages.

To do this it is necessary to override the method AdminOrderController.php PostProcess as follows:

Change to

Vlad Yunusov
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  1. Hi Alex

    In which folder does this file exist – Been looking through my entire installation – using and default theme

    Thanks a bunch for your reply.

  2. Antonio,

    I have tried myself and I have received a letter with html tags. To view the letter I used Gmail web interface. Perhaps you did something wrong. So I recommend that you check if override works properly.

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