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Holiday Marketing Plan for Successful Sales in Ecommerce

Sep 28, 2018

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Holiday Marketing Plan for Successful Sales in Ecommerce

Seems like now is the right time to talk about holiday marketing. The holiday season is just around the corner and your main task is to get ready for it if you are looking for successful sales in your online store :)

Officially, the holiday sales season starts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday (in 2018 it is November 23 and 26 respectively) and lasts until the end of the year.

Where do we start

Start by formulating your holiday marketing ideas. First, you need to decide how you will use the theme of a holiday event.

Of course, it all depends on the specifics of your product or service. Carefully studying your customers and their interests will help you in building a marketing strategy and personalizing your users.

Analyze what products and services will be of interest to your customers, what you can offer to increase the demand for popular and not very popular products: special price, discounts, bonuses, gifts, 2 products for the price of one, free shipping, payment by installments for expensive goods, etc. You can also create something unique, a product or service that will be relevant right now and may come in handy for future holidays.

Holiday Marketing Plan for Successful Sales in Ecommerce

Important! You should be prepared for high customer activity. Make sure you have enough products in stock, especially the ones you will be focusing your sales on. Get the staff ready so that the customers will not have to wait for too long, regardless of the number of orders.

The implementation of holiday marketing. The end of September and the beginning of October is the best time to activate your advertising activity and start influencing buyers.

Remember that the later you start a holiday marketing campaign, the lower its impact will be, and vice versa, the sooner you launch your advertisements, the more successful they are likely to turn out.

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How to interact with customers

So, you have a clear understanding of what to sell and how to do it and what bonuses to offer to your customers. Now you need to determine the appropriate communication channels. Time to go to action.

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  • Email newsletters. This is probably the most simple and accessible communication channel. Many sellers make a mistake by refusing it, thinking that letters only annoy their customers. This is not true! You just need to carefully think through your email marketing campaign and the effect will not be long in coming. Do not send the same emails multiple times, advertise different products and services, change the subject of messages and add some colorful graphics to your text.

Examples of email newsletters

Holiday marketing plan for successful sales in e-commerce

  • Pre-sale letters. They may have different content: product advertising, a discount codes, a message about early booking or the beginning of the countdown to sales, etc.
  • Letters informing on the beginning of sales.
  • Reminder letters during the sales of advertised products or services.
  • Letters notifying that the sales will end soon, but you still have time to make a purchase.
  • Letters on the end of sales or their extension for a certain period.
  • And others, as long as they have something important to communicate to your customers.

The appearance and the content of your site

Holiday Marketing Plan for Successful Sales in Ecommerce


Give your store a festive look by using beautiful graphics to inform about discounts and offers. Hang bright labels on promotional items to make them stand out. Stylized popup is also a good idea. We prepared a special free Halloween popup module that will help you to bring a holiday touch to your webstore. Compatible with PrestaShop 1.7 and Magento 2 it will be your great assistant.

Increase the website traffic with unique content. Holidays are a broad topic and the main thing here is to use your imagination. Your content should be informative and entertaining. If your visitors find it useful, they will thank you for this by purchasing something from your store.

Social media advertising

Make your accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus and other SM as active as possible during the holidays. Be sure to inform about holiday promotions, share beautiful photos of products and customers, write interesting reviews on products and lifehacks on their usage, publish entertaining video content and infographics, organize contests among your subscribers. All of these activities will increase the attention to your store and will help increase sales during the holidays.

Paid advertising

A great way to stand out among competitors and to strengthen all the previous communications is to launch paid advertising. It works very well for attracting more new customers and increasing the impact on the existing ones.

  • You can run paid advertising on social networks, for example on Facebook or Instagram. All you need is to do is to correctly compose your advertising message and select the right audience for it.
  • Increase your position with a well-built advertising campaign in Google Ads. Users will search for your product or service on the Internet and the higher you are in search results, the more attention you will get.
  • Retargeting and remarketing. Launching the advertisements aimed at a specific audience may help you, for example, to return visitors who have forgotten or abandoned their shopping cart or were looking for a certain product, but left your site for unknown reasons.

Live support during the holiday sales

Your customers should be able to contact you at any time to get their urgent questions answered.

  • You can use a Live Chat in your store with a welcome message like: “Hello! We are glad to see you in our store! Let us know if you need help finding the right product or discount” and so on.
  • A pop-up, which allows visitors to order a call.
  • Your contacts should always be In plain sight so that customers could contact you at any time.

We have described only the basic moments that are crucial to the implementation of the Holiday marketing plan. All the rest opportunities for online store promotion depend on your courage, and imagination. The most important thing to remember is that all of your actions should be oriented towards customer interests, desires, and needs. That’s exactly what the success of your online store will depend upon. We wish you good luck and active holiday sales!

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Magento Audit

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