Groups Catalog Extension for Magento 2

Jun 1, 2018620
Groups Catalog Extension for Magento 2

Sometimes you may need to hide some products or even whole categories from specific groups of customers on your webstore.

The new Groups Catalog extension allows shop owners to configure product visibility settings for various client groups: retailers, wholesalers or any other customer group that you may have on your webshop. It also lets you tacitly stimulate your new visitors to create an account on your webstore.

Let us show you how it’s done.

Key features of the extension

Here are the key advantages of the extension:

  • Visibility control. Show or hide particular products and categories on your webstore;
  • Visibility configuration. Customize the rules to display different sets of product to various groups of customers;
  • Price replacement. Hide product prices or replace them with a custom text or image;
  • Exclusion settings. Set custom exclusions by product IDs and Customer IDs;
  • Page redirect. Redirect customers who try to access a hidden entity either to the parent directory or some specific landing page;
  • Log-in encouragement. Stimulate your new visitors to log in to your webstore by making some of the stock or product prices visible only for logged-in users.

Why the extension should be implemented to your webstore

The extension lets you fully adjust product display according to your business needs.

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  • Firstly, it lets you hide particular products and product categories from different client groups and create custom exclusions.


  • Secondly, it suggests various options of handling those, who tried to access a hidden entity: to show a 404 page, to redirect to a specific route or parent directory, or to show custom messages for guests and logged-in users.


  • Thirdly, it allows to fully customize price display for particular products and customers, and display a custom message instead of it, for example, to encourage your new guests to create an account and log in.


The module is quite simple to use, all the changes are displayed on the front end shortly after clearing the cache.

The extension, its demo and a detailed user guide are available on our Magento 2 store.

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