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Top 10 Best Ecommerce Jobs

May 29, 2020

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Top 10 Best Ecommerce Jobs

Are you interested in an ecommerce career? Ecommerce is a fast growing industry that keeps at bay the whole brick and mortar community. Don’t you think that it’s the time to join the winning team? Check out these ecommerce jobs and find the right fit for you.

Online shopping has changed our lives. We don’t need to visit physical stores and communicate with stores’ employees anymore. Even if you don’t have to interact with them face-to-face, remember that there are thousands of workers behind the scene worrying about your order and its successful delivery. So, if you want to become a part of the ecommerce ecosystem, here is our article to help you. We’ve found the top ecommerce jobs that might be interesting either for graduates or experienced job seekers. Follow the article to find the job you’ve been dreaming of.

Why Work in Ecommerce?
Top 10 Ecommerce Jobs

Why Work in Ecommerce?

Over the last 10 years the economic changes brought the new way of doing business. Ecommerce sites like eBay, Amazon, Etsy play a major role in the retail business and economy of the U.S. They outperform brick and mortar stores and steal their customers. Statistically, they already own the greatest number of global customer base, and the number of online shoppers is expected to double in the next 5 years. And here is a problem for employees of physical stores – even commerce stores’ owners have to reduce the number of available brick and mortar retail locations and, as a result, retail job positions. So, these employees have only one way out – opt for ecommerce jobs.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics proves that the number of workers employed in the electronic shopping and mail order industry is rapidly growing. View the image below: the employment in e-commerce increased by nearly 64% from 2007 to 2020. The Bureau forecasts that the ecommerce employment will continue to rise, reaching almost 450,000 jobs by the year 2026 [1].


ecommerce jobs statistics


However, e commerce jobs are still a small component of the overall employment. If ecommerce now has over 400,000 jobs, the retail industry has already gained up to 700,000 while warehouse clubs – up to 900,000 in the United States. Being a rapidly growing sphere, online stores don’t require such a great number of employees as traditional stores. They can sell more products and provide more services with fewer workers. Even though working in ecommerce company is more profitable since they pay higher wages to their employees. So, their job positions are in higher demand because they have the biggest impact on retail sales and make more money.

What are the salaries in ecommerce?

Production and nonsupervisory workers including fulfillment centers earn $17.64 per hour on average, while compared to $14.01 in traditional retail. According to statistics, wage and salary payments to e-workers have increased by almost $18 billion since 2007. So you can compare the numbers with wage and salary payments to employers in traditional retail – their payments have risen by $1 billion over the same period.
But money is not the only deciding point to choose e-commerce jobs. Here are 5 more reasons to start your ecommerce path.


best ecommerce jobs


  • Ecommerce has a long-term global growth outlook. Online shopping is highly popular not only in the U.S., but also wins more fans and customers in China, India, Russia, Brazil and other countries. It’s the fastest growing sphere with over $1 trillion of the total market, and is expected to grow at 17% from year to year. So the industry promises constant increase in salaries and job positions.
  • Ecommerce gives all fundamental skills of business. Working in the industry, you’re exposed to work with products marketing, accounting management, supply chains, customer acquisition, up and cross selling, customer services and others. Any other jobs allow you to try only one or two tasks.
  • Ecommerce helps to hone your “soft skills”. When you work in an online store, you should value the brand and customer experience. To do so, you need to understand your customers behavior and how they view the brand. It’s a number one skill when you can say exactly what your customer will do. It’s an art of digital marketing.
  • Ecommerce gives access to real-time results data. The industry main principle is constant – 24/7 – connection with customers.You get reports about your work and customer reviews every day and hour. It allows you to test lots of tactics and improve your work and learning curve exponentially.
  • Ecommerce might help grow your own business. If one day you realize that you’re done with this job, your ecommerce skills can help you in creating your own company. You will know how to promote your brand, raise money, connect with customers and partners and many more.

If you are looking for a stable work, ecommerce careers are the best choice whenever you are a graduated specialist or a 20+ years experienced worker. Keep following the article to reach top 10 ecommerce job titles.

Top 10 Ecommerce Jobs

Realized that ecommerce is a reliable choice for future? Many ecommerce companies need a variety of workers. But note that the majority of ecommerce job titles require bachelor’s degree in IT, business management, languages or others. So here are 10 e commerce job descriptions you might be interested in.

E-commerce Manager

If you want to be a person who guarantees that a website delivers the best customer experience – ecommerce manager application is exactly what you need. Frankly speaking, ecommerce manager oversees the whole online activities of the brand, including web development and design, sales and marketing. As an ecommerce manager, you are also responsible for online staff management, cooperation with shipping agencies, suppliers and others. What is more, ecommerce managers monitor the brand’s website – they work in collaboration with developers and designers to create an easy-to-navigate, high ranking and eye-catching online store and always monitor the platform to make sure that everything works right.

What skills does an ecommerce manager need?

  • Strong communication skills.
  • Ability to work in a team.
  • Experience in developing and designing marketing campaigns.
  • Follow the latest business management strategies.
  • Expertise in the area of the brand and its products.
  • Knowledge of strategies to increase conversion rates and sales.

How much does an e-commerce manager make? Ecommerce managers make $66,313 per year on average. Juniors might earn from $25,000 per year, while the salary of senior specialists might be over $115,000 per year in the US.

Online Merchant

If you had worked as a merchant in brick and mortar, occupation of an online merchant with a higher salary might be interesting for you. Online merchants are responsible for lots of tasks, including store’s inventory management, products purchasing for the online store, promoting the branded products, overseen financial information and many more. Their main responsibility is to monitor the products that come in and out of the store. They communicate with physical wholesales to provide products for their store and calculate totals for products which were purchased through the website. So, if you are an online merchant, and your store isn’t stocked with the needed products, it’s your fault.

What skills does an online merchant need?

  • Management of personal, material and financial resources.
  • Complex problem solving and judgement and decision making.
  • Knowledge of methods for showing, promoting, and selling products online.
  • Economics and accounting knowledge.
  • Communication skills.

How much does an online merchant make? The average salary of an online merchant is $60,761 per year. Depending on the company and experience, you might earn from $20,000 to $105,000 annually.

Internet Sales Associate

Communication is your number one skill? An Internet associate manager or consultant is the perfect job for you. When customers visit a website, they might need some assistance – that is where an associate manager is needed. Your main responsibilities include assisting customers in finding the needed products, making purchasing decisions and delivering the order. You represent the brand and should ensure the quality customer service and successful shopping experience. To be the best in this ecommerce job, you need to be familiar with all items on the site and their location. Moreover, your colleagues are your competitors and you “fight” for customers. Why? The more successful customers you assist, the more money you get as an internet salesperson.

What skills does an internet sales associate need?

  • Abilities to communicate with people all day long.
  • Overcome stressful situations and think fast.
  • Politeness, and good spoken English or any other language.
  • Impressive time management skills.
  • Creativity in winning customers and improving their shopping experience.
  • Ability to anticipate customer needs and desires.

How much does an internet sales consultant make? Internet sales associates earn $35,590 on average per year. Junior specialists might make from $18,200 annually, while experts might expect over $80,000 per year.

E-commerce Project Manager

Have an excellent marketing expertise? Choose an interesting but challenging e-commerce job – become a project manager. These employees oversee the business development, digital marketing strategies and implement online projects. One of the main duties of ecommerce project managers is to research the current market environment, create strategies for the brand by analysing marketing and sales strategies of their competitors and ecommerce leaders. They also can hire and train staff as well as consult the management team about the strategies they need to follow.

What skills does an e-commerce project manager need?

Leadership skills.
Strong written and verbal communication.
Experience using various management tools like Google Analytics.
Understanding of digital marketing strategies and technologies.
Ability to manage multiple projects and tasks.

Some companies might need CMS platforms experience and expertise in B2B/B2C projects.

How much does an ecommerce project manager make? On average, such specialists make $89,300 annually. If you are a junior, you might expect over $31,000 per year. Senior ecommerce project managers make up to $157,305 annually.

Online Merchandiser

Have you ever seen a store employee who puts products on the shelves? Online merchandising specialists perform the same tasks on the online shelves of a webstore. The responsibilities of an e-commerce merchandising specialist concentrate on presenting products and services to customers on behalf of an online store. Working as a merchandiser, you will select proper photos and write descriptions for each product to convert users into customers. You will be responsible for the whole products page of the website – organize product categories and design the display of the page. So, you need to present your products and brand the way to encourage customers buying them as well as create strategies to attract users. Working hard, you might be promoted to e-commerce merchandising manager or coordinator.

What skills does an online merchandiser need?

  • Copywriting and rewriting experience.
  • Communicational and presentational skills.
  • Expertise in SEO and analytic tools.
  • Ability to understand customer needs.
  • SMM knowledge might be a plus.

How much does an online merchandiser make? Working as an online merchandiser, you might earn $43,100 on average per year. The salary might vary from $19,500 up to $79,000 annually.

Ecommerce Marketing Specialist

A good ecommerce marketing specialist is a target for any online business. The main goal of a marketer is to develop marketing strategies and material to reach all possible customers. Their methods and marketing resources include email messaging, digital advertisement, social networks and media, testimonials, press releases, blog posts, and how to guides. Such specialists always provide various marketing researches to know their audience – demographic, gender, age, nationality – and find how to target them. They help companies understand what is better to sell by analyzing local, regional and national markets. They determine what people are buying the most, and how much money they’re willing to spend on different products.

What skills does a marketing specialist need?

  • Knowledge of marketing principles.
  • Ability to manage the company’s products, industry, clients and competitors.
  • Experience in development and management of marketing campaigns.
  • Attention to detail and proven excellent communication skills
  • Strategic planning and presentation skills.
  • Independent thinking and self-responsibility.

How much does an ecommerce marketing specialist make? The average salary for a marketing specialist is $54,260 per year. Depending on the agency and sphere, you might earn $37,000 up to $84,000 annually.

Social Media Manager

Good at social media marketing? SMM job title is a good and highly paid occupation. Social media managers represent a company across social channels and grow the business through networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and more. They respond to comments in social networks, compile marketing campaigns there and create creative content. SMM managers cooperate with designers to make interesting images and photos to post in networks. They use keywords, hashtags and links to promote the brand. Moreover, they support promotional strategies. They manage paid ads in social networks, monitor organic traffic and analyze their audience.

What skills does an SMM specialist need?

  • Copywriting and ability to present information in short but engaging.
  • SEO knowledge.
  • Experience in marketing research.
  • Ability to engage and drive customers through social networks.
  • Politeness.
  • Visual experience and ability to create visual content for social networks.
  • If you want to work as an SMM specialist, you also need to have popular accounts in social networks to show the employer what you can.

How much does a social media manager make? On average, a social media manager makes $50,470 annually. Beginners might expect to earn from $30,000, while experienced SMM specialists earn over $72,000 per year.

SEO Specialist

When websites can’t achieve hundreds of hints, they hire an SEO specialist. What exactly does an SEO specialist? They improve website ranking on the top search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. The main task of such workers is similar to marketing duties – generate more traffic for the company. SEO specialists ensure page optimization to grow website’s statistics, reach Google top 10 and lead brand awareness. Working as an SEO, you should work with various tactics – search for relevant keywords, create internal links and clear URLs. You will analyze competitors’ websites, communicate with other online services for link-building, use various SEO tools like Ahrefs, Google Analytics and more. SEO specialists also work with marketers, copywriters and SMM to improve the website’s, blog and social networks’ content.

What skills does an SEO specialist need?

  • Good speaking and writing skills.
  • Knowledge of how search engines and the internet work.
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS and sometimes JavaScript.
  • Keyword research, link building and A/B testing experience.
  • Technical, local and mobile SEO skills.
  • Experience in Google Analytics, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz tools.

How much does an SEO specialist make? An SEO expert makes $49,800 on average per year. The lowest salary is $39,000 annually, and the highest might be over $70,000 yearly.

Content Writer for E-commerce

Content writers or copywriters create content for websites. The content includes sales copies, podcasts and text for infographics. Content writers can provide texts for various websites, including social networks, blogs, service and product pages of websites, news sites and more. Above these, they also decide what content to write on websites. For that, they provide content research and compare websites of competitors and industry leaders. Content writers make the tone of a website and are responsible for the brand’s impression on the users and loyal customers. .

What skills does a content writer need?

  • Strong writing and speaking language.
  • English, German and proficiency in other languages is a plus.
  • Experience in web research.
  • Knowledge in the specific writing field.
  • Understanding the web is a plus too.

How much does a copywriter make? On average, content writers earn $61,120 per year. Junior specialists might expect from $36,200 yearly, and top copywriters might make up to $111,000 annually.

E-commerce Recruiter

Good in psychology? A work of ecommerce recruiter is a perfect chance to opt for a high salary and use your university skills. E-commerce recruiter is a person who seeks qualified and dedicated candidates for a job vacancy. They work to meet demands of both sides – employer and employee. The employer will give you a list of skills and knowledge that future employees should have, and you will find the perfect candidate. During the interview, you will evaluate the professional experience of candidates, punctuality, ability to work in a team, and more. When the interview is over, you share your view with the employer and help to take a decision whether to hire a candidate or not. If not, you are responsible to tell the person that he or she won’t be hired. You might be wondering what is the difference between common recruiter and ecommerce? The answer is salary.

What skills does an e-commerce recruiter need?

  • Communication and marketing skills.
  • Ability to build relations with people.
  • Time management skills.
  • Knowledge of IT and ecommerce spheres.
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks.

How much does an ecommerce recruiter make? An ecommerce recruiter makes $55,500 on average per year. Depending on your experience and agency, you might expect from $28,500 to $78,000 annually.

Wrapping it up

Have you found a job for you? We decided to show you a list of ecommerce jobs which are a must at any company. You can hardly find an agency without marketers, merchandisers, sales assistance and others specialists. Ecommerce also needs accountants, web and software developers, office managers and other specialists. So don’t lose hope if you’re still looking for a dream job.

Moreover, we have a good working advice for you – looking for a job, you need to visit websites of companies you would want to be hired by, not just some job posting platforms, send them your resume, and see what they got. This guarantees that you will work in a good company with high working conditions and a friendly team.

Want to start an ecommerce career? Share your expectations in the comments below!

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