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eCommerce 3.0 with Magento Marching Ahead

Jan 27, 2012

313 Alex Huk

eCommerce area became so popular, that media corporations can’t skip or ignore its events. BBC News Business has recently published the article “The search for e-commerce 3.0”. It tracks the history of eCommerce development and explains how heavily eCommerce 3.0 will rely on social networks and mobile phones. The article considers the examples of Walmart and US cosmetics chain Sephora that increase their revenue thanks to “Facebook effect”.

We strongly agree with BBC on the following matter: socializing and mobilizing merchant businesses are prime activities for developers, and companies, performing it, will be top ones.

Apparently, the best example to demonstrate eCommerce 3.0 huge potential is X.Commerce platform.

It was introduced and reviewed during MageConf conference in Kiev, and being MageConf partners, we had an opportunity of listening to Jeromy Carrier and his presentation “X.Commerce: strategy, roadmap and architecture.” This platform unites merchant products (Magento) with capabilities (eBay, PayPal, etc.) through X.Commerce fabric – the term, explaining a messaging infrastructure for merchant products and capabilities to interact.


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It basically claims to be “the only platform that combines the power of eBay, PayPal, Magento, and all the ground-breaking commerce capabilities within the eBay Inc. family,”- mentions the official X.Commerce website. This statement leads to the conclusion that Magento will be one of the chief playing cards in eCommerce 3.0, and many great projects will be done inside Magento space.

We are happy to contemplate Magento big time and thereby are flattered to be its industry partner. Soon we will face and discuss Magento future in terms of global eCommerce development. This major event will happen in Las Vegas in April, 23-25, where the most prominent speakers are Magento top officials.

It is rather delightful to be in the center of the main happening. Going with Magento hand in hand, we improve its functionality and rise to its challenges anytime they show up.

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