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Custom Features in Prestashop Blocklayered Module

Jul 23, 2014

3963 Alex Simonchik

Custom Features in Prestashop Blocklayered Module

Some Prestashop users are challenged with a problem to display features with custom options in the module Blосklаyered. The main problem is that the module ignores custom features, and since each feature has its own unique ID, then when you try to output them into navigation your customers may see incorrect grouping as a result.  We once received a task from a customer to display such features in navigation. He was using some custom import, which, due to certain reasons, was recording imported features into custom fields. 

image0 Custom Features in Prestashop Blocklayered Module

So we decided to transfer such values into the default list, ignoring the repeated values within the language. We had to create a script, which we wanted to schedule for implementing these tasks.  But we have decided to slightly modify the logic of the module Blосklаyered and expand its functionality with the function “rebuildFeаtures( ) “, which would be called in the method BlосkLаyered: :getFilterBlосk( ):

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image1 Custom Features in Prestashop Blocklayered Module

The above function modifies custom values into default ones on the fly, during the page load.


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If a feature has all values as custom, then it can not be added into navigation. To fix this, we have to modify the function BlockLayered::getContent()


into this one (deleted the custom feature verification):


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  1. This is an issue we have been getting for a while now. We followed the steps you mentioned but for the function “rebuildFeаtures( ), can you help us with this please? We don’t actually know where this should be placed, is it in the “blocklayered.php” file?

    Thank you,

  2. Does not work with 1.6 :(
    Can someone point out what to change so it works with 1.6?
    Would be really really helpful!

  3. I have tried it with PS 1.6 and it doesn’t work. The custom values are added successfully into the predefined ones but they are not shown in navigation in front office.

    I have checked the layered navigation module and the feature in enabled to be shown in front office.

    Any suggestions or tutorials for PS 1.6??

  4. Hello guys, was searching net for this kind solution, found here , but something doing wrong. im using blocklayered_mod module from warehouse theme, maybe problem in this , maybe not, looking for someone who have time to make it work (not free), who can help please email me [email protected], thanks

  5. Hi,
    This is exactly what I am looking for but I don’t know how to do.
    Pleas can you write a process how to do?

    Thank you so much.

  6. This is a great work around and is exactly what we need. The problem is, I need a noob step by step buide on how to implement it. If you could make it simple that would help greatly!

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