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Cloudways Magento Hosting Review

Feb 7, 2020

1813 Dasha M.

Cloudways Magento Hosting Review

Selecting the best Magento hosting provider is a big ask when you are a novice in this ever-expanding industry. It’s not possible to figure out about every single reliable, fast and affordable Magento hosting provider available in the market today.

But what matters is – good research! You will find dozens of hosting platforms over the internet claiming to be the best providers, but, in reality, they aren’t. Some of them lack in their features, offer expensive hosting plans or poor support.

In this article, we’ll overcome your researching hustle and review the managed cloud hosting – Cloudways.

Why Choose Cloudways for Hosting?
How to Host Magento Store on Cloudways
How to Keep Store Secure with Cloudways
What are Cloudways Features?
What is Cloudways Pricing?

We’ve discovered Cloudways more than a year ago and today it helps us in many ways. Whether its speed, security or server size scalability at the holiday season, Cloudways covers Magento stores with everything.

Let’s dive into this!

Why Choose Cloudways for Hosting?

Cloudways strives to provide customers with one of the best managed cloud hosting solutions in terms of speed, security, and support. The cloud servers come packed with essential and useful features for any type of Magento website, and more importantly, the entire environment is user-friendly.

Cloudways offers platform-as-a-service (PaaS) cloud-based web hosting, which sets it apart from other Magento hosting providers.

Cloudways prides itself in providing one of the best Magento hosting services. Thanks to the powerful features and the ThunderStack that work behind-the-scene to provide the end-users with an optimum Magento experience.

Let’s check out some of the salient features that Cloudways Platform offers to the Magento store owners.

  • Deploy Magento application on top 5 cloud providers
  • Launch your server in 5 steps
  • Ironclad security
  • Cloudways ThunderStack
  • Automated backups
  • Team collaboration
  • Real-time server monitoring
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing plan and much more…


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How to Host Magento Store on Cloudways

With Cloudways, you can host your Magento websites on any of the top five cloud infrastructure providers including:

  • DigitalOcean
  • Linode
  • Vultr
  • Amazon Web Service
  • Google Cloud Platform


To host your first Magento store on Cloudways, you must create your account. For this, you must fill out a form.


Once you have registered your account, you will see the following screen.

best magento hosting

Click LAUNCH. Select the latest version of Magento, name the application and server.

Now, you must choose a cloud provider. For this blog, we have selected a DigitalOcean server. Select your server size. If you’ve no idea what server size is suitable for your Magento store, connect with Cloudways Support Team. They are ever-ready to assist you in this regard.

Select your server location and click LAUNCH NOW!


How to Keep Store Secure with Cloudways

Security is one of the most important issues that Magento store owners face. With Cloudways, rest assured that there is a team of dedicated cloud engineers that carries out regular OS patches and keeps the servers updated to avoid any security loopholes.

Moreover, with the iron-clad firewall security mechanism, Cloudways Magento servers remain functional round the clock throughout the year, to facilitate your Magento web store performance and speed.

If you haven’t installed an SSL certificate to secure your Magento store, don’t worry though. Cloudways offers its clients the option to install a free SSL certificate to keep the web store secure. It also helps in generating more customers, build customer’s trust and reduced the bounce rate.

Moreover, Cloudways offers a bunch of other security features including, but not limited to:

  • OS-level firewalls protecting all servers
  • Two-factor authentication for your Cloudways account
  • IP whitelisting option and many more…


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What are Cloudways Features?

Cloudways ThunderStack

The Cloudways ThunderStack is a unique formula consisting of one of the best cache and server technologies. The stack comprises of the following component:

  • Varnish
  • Memcached
  • Apache
  • MySQL


magento hosting solution

All of these components work in conjunction to provide your Magento website with fast load times which always keeps your customers satisfied and ensures that you convert visitors into clients.

Automated Backups

Have you ever thought about what will happen if you accidentally lose all of your website data? Well, this is the worst case scenario that highlights why having website backups is important for Magento store owners.

With Cloudways, you can set the backup frequency to meet your needs and restore your backup with a 1-click option.

Here’s how you can take a Magento website’s backup:



  • The platform allows you to take full server backup at your chosen frequency ranging from one hour to seven-hour.
  • Set the specific time to schedule your Magento server backup.
  • Set the backup retention time for your Magento server. Cloudways offers you to retain the server backup for one week.


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Team Collaboration

Team collaboration is an important aspect of businesses in today’s age. Running a Magento business website is no exception. Cloudways Platform facilitates you to take advantage of team collaboration feature, through which, you can add the team members i.e front-end developers and allocate the appropriate permission levels to access your server, app, or website.

This is essential for the security of your account and server security, and we’d highly recommend only choosing a host with these permission features.

cloudways hosting review

Real-time Server Monitoring

Enjoy round the clock monitoring of your website so you know everything is on track at all times. Plus, you can keep track of the RAM, CPU, DISK and BANDWIDTH usage. Moreover, you can also track the application wise monitoring as well.

With Cloudways, you receive real-time updates via email CloudwaysBot, a smart assistant that monitors your site’s performance at all times. For example, if you forget to configure any particular cache for your Magento store, the CloudwaysBot will remind you via email. With the information sent by the AI bot, you can optimize your servers.

Lastly, you can also take advantage of the New Relic integration so as to troubleshoot issues and fix them as soon as possible.

magento hosting

Cloudways Pricing

In our opinion, Cloudways completely justified the prices with all the simplified features that create a great value for the Magento cloud server. They work on a pay-as-you-go system, you will pay for the resources you use. Plain and Simple!

So here is the price of the DO server, launched for this blog.

hosting provider

Here, you can check the complete pricing plan for all the providers with respect to server requirements.


Should you opt for Cloudways? Nowadays, webpage loading speed, security, and monitoring are crucial factors to consider when it comes to scaling your online business. Therefore, hosting plays a vital role as it influences the page loading speed of a website.

Cloudways comes with powerful yet user-friendly features to ensure impressive loading speed for Magento-powered stores.

Cloudways prepares your site for the future, but the real question is if you are ready for the future? In the end, it all comes down to the price tag and satisfaction. Try a 3-day free trial on DIgitalOcean, Vultr, or Linode.

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