Changing Comment’s Rating in PrestaShop

Apr 30, 2014134
Changing Comment’s Rating in PrestaShop

When we were developing our own SEO-module, we faced a problem. Google Rich Snippets always shows that comment’s rating equals two. The thing is that templates /themes/default-bootstrap/modules/productcomments/productcomments-extra.tpl and /themes/default-bootstrap/modules/productcomments/productcomments_reviews.tpl have static parameter for ratingValue

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To solve that problem you have to change that line in those two templates for the following: <meta itemprop=”ratingValue” content = “{$averageTotal}” />

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  1. But if we make this change, it will display the actual value of the notation. Off if there has not yet been scoring one must give it a value = 2?
    Where then I did not understand the purpose of this code…

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