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Breaking News! Magento Development Top Companies Are Under Attack!

Jan 19, 2012

292 Pavel Novitsky

All Magento developers, you can be hacked and lose your profit significantly! We must warn you because yesterday we were shocked, receiving the following email from Magestore – one of the biggest Magento extensions producers and our competitor:

“Hello, we are Magestore. We want to WARN you about a provider named They are selling our products and YOUR products at a very cheap price.
A few days ago, one of my customers talked to us that there is a provider emailed him and offered Magestore’s product at just half the price. They are not our affiliates, and they don’t just give discount of 30% but 50%! We doubt that they didn’t buy our products but hacked in some ways. This is a threat to all providers in the list. Magestore”

We carried out a little investigation. Turning into a regular visitor, we requested to buy BelVG extensions. Let’s examine the commercial offer a suspicious submits to the general audience. Here it is:

Igor Dragun
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“We are a group of Magento Developers. We used to purchase extension bulky in order to reduce our customers store development cost. It is similar to group buying, We will find out the customer who all need extension thorough email campaign  and referral through our customers.
Consider the following example:
If you want Group Deal extension from following provider
Single Domain Name  : $149.00
10 Domain Name       :  $689.00
Like this we will be  able to provide discount through bulk purchase. We can also able to get extension with  10-50% discounts from the following extension providers too ( Discount rate depends on extension providers ) and many more…”
Basically, declares themselves the mediator between developers and customers, not being partners or affiliates of any company in this list. They suggest buying extensions at impressive discount with multidomain option.

That’s what happens now with Magento industry. When the field is rather extended, many malicious companies take advantage of its popularity and make revenue hacking and selling third-party extensions. Keep this danger in mind and don’t let fraudster deceive your customers.

Igor Dragun
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  1. This one the main website for the magentocommerce products and extensions. The best one i never forget.

  2. Magento representative contacted our teamleader regarding the issue and they are investigating the incident.

    Site is closed, but they keep sending us threat emails like this:

    “As a first phase we are doing email campaign of 1000 mail now . In each two hours we will keep sending.

    Until you will remove the contents.”

    I’ll send you a message when we have any other news, won’t post here not to draw any more attention to that company.

  3. We were also shocked in the first place about this. Their website is temporarily closed now, but we don’t know if they still privately conduct sending emails to our current and potential customers. If you know any solution to prevent this, please share us.

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