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Are You Ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Nov 13, 2017

418 Vladislav Yunusov

Are You Ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Are you a retailer who is about to win sales? If your answer is positive, you should be aware of the importance to run a sales campaign. It’s obvious that every customer wants to save money by getting major discounts without a lot of efforts. Why don’t you hold Black Friday Cyber Monday? In this case, you’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone. The first bird is called customers which are enticed by such enormous discounts and ready to gobble them up. While the second one is your sales which are immediately boosted making you happy.

Black Friday Cyber Monday is the biggest shopping event that allows nobody to stay indifferent. That’s the key reason why you should participate in the event also. But if you consider the worthwhile opportunity is not for your business, we’re going to overpersuade you. According to the last year’s statistics, U.S. and UK web store owners saw the traffic explode on Black Friday. The number of sessions was increased by 220% if compared with an average day! We’re sure now you want to jump at a chance.

Here you’re suggested to follow some tactics that help you win sales.

Get ahead of the game

According to the research, more than 50% of buyers start researching gift ideas in October or even earlier. So you need to be prepared in advance in order to encourage buyers to get back and make a purchase. Only prospective shoppers who are interested in your products will pop into the store again and turn into your regular customers.

Make sure that your website has a great performance to withstand high-volume traffic

magento webdesign

Magento Webdesign

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Make your website mobile-optimized

There’s a tendency to do shopping online on a daily basis, so it’s not surprising that clients will continue making purchases in the same way. Businesses which have been already optimized for mobile traffic will have the upper hand. Make sure that you’re able to support your mobile checkout as well as use mobile-friendly technologies (one-step checkout, push notifications, text messages).

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Are you ready for BFCM

Provide additional options

The gigantic companies offer such convenient services as same-day delivery or one-click checkout, so the same options are expected from any web store by customers. For example, you can offer free delivery without a minimum purchase or follow other shops and apply same-day delivery.

Make shopping process as simple as possible

Combine all marketing channels

This is a proved fact that retailers who invest in the strategy based on mobile, email and social marketing integration have 30% higher sales than those who are focusing on one or two channels. We’re not speaking about the number of channels; we emphasize the necessity of platform integration. Having combined all these platforms, you’re constantly getting in touch with your customers and can remind them to buy from you.

Put emphasis on social media

Social networks play the major role in spreading the information about your web store. Provide customers with promotions and sales for Black Friday via Instagram or Facebook. Moreover, you can get them involved in the contest to get many likes for the photo where a buyer with your product. Let the winner get his discount while you get your new clients.

Trigger your regular customers to share with friends and relatives using promos

Put online and offline experience together

Nowadays customers are involved in the multi-channel process before buying a product, that’s why there’s a necessity to combine an offline shop with online. In this case, the process gets seamless and makes customers satisfied. Apply new technologies such as mobile payment methods. For example, the option to order online but pick up in the store is also considered excellent for customers. They are allowed to receive a purchase without waiting in a long queue.  

magento webdesign

Magento Webdesign

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Black Friday Cyber Monday is not just a single weekend that deserves your attention. In fact, this is a great opportunity to build the bridge between your ecommerce business and customers. In case, if your customers are regular, it helps to enhance your relations. In other circumstances, you can establish relations with new clients as turn them into regular ones. Don’t lose the chance to make yourself known!

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