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Big Day Release: Magento Bundle

Dec 12, 2014

310 Mishel Soiko

Big Day Release: Magento Bundle

Magento Bundle is a new money saving offer that will enhance your store with the cutting edge modules and extensions at the best possible price. We have collected 10 most popular and highly demanded modules into a single powerful package.

The extensions will boost different aspects of your store such as design, navigation, product view and speed. All modules have been tested and proved to be 100% compatible with each other on any store.

Key Features

  • Nine most acknowledged and powerful modules in a single package;
  • Enhance all important aspects of your store;
  • All modules have been fully tested for compatibility;
  • All modules from the package can be installed and applied on any store;
  • Choose yourself how many modules from the bundle you want to get;
  • The more modules you select the better discount you get

Once in a while every store owner faces the problem of modules compatibility. We all want to make our stores the best places in the Internet, which inevitably leads us to installing more and more extensions, modules and add-ons from third-party developers. Unfortunately, this results in plenty of various performance issues because most of these modules have not been tested for compatibility.

That is why we have introduced a package of ten modules that cover almost all major needs of any store:

You no longer need to search and install modules at your own risk – all extensions from the package have been tested and approved by our customers and developers and are absolutely compatible with any Magento store.

All you need is to choose and install the modules you like and everything will work like a charm.

Discount system

It’s simple – the more extensions you include into your bundle the more discount you have. You can see the exact percentage below.

Number of Modules










Total Discount










General Description

The bundle consists of nine different modules that you can choose and install on any Magento store.


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Age Verification Page

This extension will let you hide some content or restrict access to certain pages of your site from those visitors who have not yet reached a specific age. Customers who visit your website will see a popup that will prompt them to pass a simple verification to confirm that they have reached the required age to be able to view the content of the site.

screen-1Magento Bundle

Animate Slider

Create multiple sliders and slides with animation and dynamic content.

screen-2Magento Bundle

Ajax Cart

This extension will make lives of your customers much more comfortable and easier. The module allows you access and manage your shopping cart from any page of your store without making the page to reload! Now your customers will be able to add, view and remove items from the shopping cart without leaving their current page!

screen-3Magento Bundle

Color Sizes and Material Swatch

This tool gives you opportunity to add images and colors to custom options of configurable products. Your customers will be able to instantly see the changes on product images depending on what color or material they select.

screen-4Magento Bundle

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Dropdown Menu

Enhance your store menu panel with additional content. The module will let you add and display various content as a special dropdown menu right on the main panel. You can add videos, images, templates and any other content you find necessary or interesting for your customers.

screen-5Magento Bundle

Product View Gallery

This module includes CloudZoom and FancyBox plugins. You will also be able to add video to any product page as well as to enable thumbnail scroll.

screen-6Magento Bundle

Product Slider

A new way to organize and present products on your store. Collect and display products on a single slider either on the homepage or any product page. Choose yourself what products to include: either some specific custom products or certain Magento product types, such as New Products, Category products etc.

screen-7Magento Bundle

Product Sorting

A powerful yet simple extension will let you easily manage your products: include additional attributes to the sorting, manage your sorting categories and change their order.

screen-8Magento Bundle

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Magento Webdesign

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The extension will display major product information in a popup window either on homepage or category pages. Customers will be able to take a closer look at the item, add it to cart or wishlist, e-mail to friends or share on their social network accounts without leaving the current page.

screen-9Magento Bundle

Size Assistant

Help you customers choose the best size of clothes to buy! Customers are able to enter their body parameters and the module will quickly show them what is their optimal size to purchase!

screen-10Magento Bundle

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