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BelVG Web Developers’ Opinions: Is Magento on Its Peak Now or It Is Just the Beginning?

Dec 28, 2011

252 Alex Huk

Ending a year 2011 and starting a new one, it’s high time to talk about Magento achievements and promises it has ahead. Let’s clarify some issues:

1. What prospects could Magento development anticipate in 6 month? In one year? In five years?

2. Who are the next succeeding rivals of Magento that are growing rapidly and inevitably and one day may overthrow the Magento superiority?

Here we have BelVG web developers’ opinions…

Sergey:  1. After six months with Magento 1.7 release and then within a year with Magento 2 coming out we can expect a certain boom in Magento development. It will probably last for several years. Making long-term prognosis in web development is rather complicated, but to my mind, the platform will be expanding further.

2. There are a lot of competing platforms such as Prestashop, Opencart, Oxid. Comparing to Magento, they work with localized communities and, thus, are not evenly spread. Prestasop is largely oriented on France and Spain, Oxid works primarily with Germany, Opencart with UK. Magento coverage is worldwide.


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Igor: 1. With Magento 2 release we should anticipate the increase of Magento development activity next year. Constantly growing eCommerce market is good evidence that Magento developers will have a lot of work.

2. Magento has some rivals in Europe who are serious enough to worry about – Prestashop, Oxid, Opencart. They accumulate power for continuing growth and in some areas even outperform Magento.


Pavel: 1. The main part of Magento popularity is Magento community. It claims different solutions like Christmas design (e.g. falling snow) or changes in store functionality. That’s what we have now and later the amount of Magento extensions will increase. But there are pitfalls as well. We often experience problems with Magento new versions support, developers frequently react slowly on third-party API changes. We all would like it to be improved. And we are looking forward to Magento 2 and its documentation.

2. I would point out Prestashop and Oxid. These two platforms are developing quickly and gain more fans. Eventually we should expect companies’ domination which provide customers with the full cycle of development – design, voice search creation, support and modernization. I don’t think anybody could outperform Magento in the nearest future. Both Prestashop and Oxid are oriented on local markets while Magento prefers working globally.

Andrey Dubina
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