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Adobe Developer Conference: Adobe Summit 2020

Apr 3, 2020

1460 Dasha M.

Adobe Developer Conference: Adobe Summit 2020

Stay tuned for the ecommerce innovations of 2020. Adobe Summit is back and we have a lot of existing ideas and top-notch solutions for business to share with you. Read the article to find out how Adobe changes digital experience.

The Digital Experience Conference is the annual Adobe developer conference which gathers hundreds of thousands of industry leaders, speakers and ecommerce enthusiasts who want to share their ideas and best practices around digital experience and innovations as well as get inspired by others.

The conference usually takes place in Las Vegas and allows visitors to closely communicate with truly remarkable people and get some inspiration for their businesses. But this year Adobe had to give up their traditional event and offer something different. Why? The COVID-19 outbreak ruins our plans and breaks the communication of the ecommerce community. While the WHO recommends us to stay home to stay safe, Adobe makes an important decision to protect the conference attendees and move its remarkable conferences online and cancel the live event in Las Vegas.

Adobe Summit 2020 took place on 31 March. All enthusiasts had gathered in front of their screens to become a part of the event. The online conference and its content were absolutely free and available for anyone. We registered as conference participants before the event and received an automatic email that the content was available on the website and we could start watching it. If you still want to watch the videos, you can find all of them on the official Adobe website. So, how was it?

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The conference traditionally has started with the welcome speech by Shantanu Narayen, Chairman, President and CEO of Adobe Inc. He speaks about reasons why the Adobe conference takes place online this year and announces the measures they take to support the community. For example, Adobe has decided to double down their 24/7 available AD of their cloud service to ensure that the online business of their clients operates well.

Shantanu Narayen has also unveiled the Adobe Digital Economy Index – a solution that analyses trillions of online transactions across over a hundred million products. This Economy Index is designed to analyse what businesses and customers are buying – a useful tool for ecommerce, especially during crisis. Then, Shantanu Narayen gives the floor to the next speaker.

The following videos are dedicated to the CXM Playbook and the Experience Cloud Strategy. Anil Chakravarthy, EVP and GM Digital Experience Business Unit, says that businesses need to transform and improve customer digital experience. It is the key to online success in 2020 and later on. And the Adobe Playbook is an essential tool in this journey. The CXM Playbook is a template for merchants on how to build an experienced business. Anil Chakravarthy gives the floor – suggests to open another video in this case – to one of the Playbook users. Tom Brady, an American football player, who has already tried this solution and ready to share his success with the community. Tom Brady’s Playbook speech you can find here.

At the Adobe Sneaks 2020, hosted by Steve Hammond, really breathtaking technologies are represented that are going to change the whole world of ecommerce. Sneaks are prototypes of technologies which are being developed in Adobe labs. Before speaking about all innovations, Steve says that you can vote for your favorite Sneaks on the official Adobe website to help it become a real product. There are presented 7 Sneaks including:

  • Project Segment Scout that allows adding an attribute, event or audience to build powerful customer segments.
  • Project Access Ace that can help people with visual disabilities to view digital content.
  • Project Bon Voyage for guest checking process. The technology allows you to set goals, monitor your productivity along the achieve and analyse mistakes on each step, if you fail.
  • Project Gluestick is a no-code interface to help businesses create the cross application automation.
  • Project Snippets provides a tool that automatically personalizes teasers across audiences.

We also want to pay attention to 2 another Sneaks – Project Dually Noted and Project Clothes Swap. What are they?

Project Dually Noted is aimed to simplify gathering and collectively preparing digital marketing materials. Its presenters, Lynn Gong and Eric Matisoff, introduce the technology that allows you to use augmented reality to combine physical and digital versions of documents. For example, if you print out a paper book, your editor could suggest some changes before publishing. The editor uses the technology to add comments via the smartphone. When a writer opens the tool, a comment will be displayed there as you can see on the screenshot below. It also possible to reply to comments there and create discussions to share the ideas about some detail.

Project Dually Noted tool

Project Clothes Swap is a functional AI tool, presented by Ayush Chopra, that allows improving the experience of online shoppers. So, when you visit an online store and want to buy some clothes, you see images of models who are dressed in the products of the store. But it’s likely that you and a model have entirely different figures. As a result, the item ordered online can look different when you put it on making online shopping frustrating. Ayush shows a technology that allows you to choose, for example, five models and a product you like. The solution will show you a list of different models who wear the same piece of clothing. Useful, right? You can also choose different types of clothes and colors and one model to compare which one you like the most.

Project Clothes Swap - adobe 2020

Adobe Summit is at the height and we come to the Innovation tracks section. There we’re able to discover the latest digital experience across 6 sessions. Each video has keynote highlights about new products, best practices and some insights. Go on reading to know the freshest ideas of the ecommerce world.

Speakers announced lots of new solutions important for customer experience improvement, advertising, ecommerce development and the new era of B2B. One of the most awaited announcements is the new Magento version. Jason Woosley, VP, Commerce Product and Platform, says that Magento 2.4 is going to be released in the 3rd quarter of 2020.

What new features can we expect in Magento 2.4?

  • PWA with key experience for B2B, 100% complete PWA storefront and extensions for marketplace.
  • Adobe Stock integration into Magento media gallery is available and provides opportunities to license and integrate stock assets, discover stock imagery and preview in the site.
  • Expanded B2B Capabilities like quote and order approvals in frontend with threshold.
  • Improved WEB payments and many others.

Aseem Chandra, SVP, Adobe Experience, starts the session saying that business stability and continuity are top priorities this time. Embracing agility, personalization and omnichannel experience, we will be sure in constant ecommerce growth. For such purposes, Adobe introduces new innovations in Adobe Experience Manager and Magento Commerce. Aseem announces the new solution – AEM as Cloud Service – content and asset management solution. The service allows your site to be always on and up to date. During the session, you can see how these innovations work on the example of Helly Hansen.

Magento 2 Development

Magento 2 Development

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Among the sessions of this Adobe developer conference, you can also view videos created by Suresh Vittal, VP, Platform and Adobe Experience Cloud, about Customer management Journey; Sarah Kennedy and Nnamdi Nwoke showing how top B2B companies build their brands and keep growing.

Need more? Adobe also has 20 pages of over 100 Summit Breakouts where you can find interesting ideas, product innovations and real-time examples of customer experience.

Wrapping it up

Adobe has prepared once again for the event as well as it could be and provided the same high-level of presentations online, as it was during the previous conferences. Even though we’ve lost the ability to communicate personally for now, the online format proved its effectiveness. You can always come back to watch videos again, stop a session at any time to make notes and just rest, if needed. In any case, Adobe announced lots of innovations and ideas that will be improving the ecommerce business this year.

What do you think about the Adobe Summit 2020? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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