A Dozen Must Have Features For Your E-commerce

Mar 29, 2017208
A Dozen Must Have Features For Your E-commerce

I’m sure this article would be interesting for the webstore owners, because only they are 100% engaged in successful website running and developing. But how can you be sure that your web store is running properly and is convenient for visitors you want to turn into customers. For that purpose you need to get an advice what to improve and what to add from the professional point of view. And there are many e-commerce development companies that provide audit services. It can be Frontend audit and Backend audit. So, Backend audit requires some knowledge in the development field, and I don’t think that regular person is able to perform it in a full measure.

But what concerns the basic Frontend points, every web store owner is be able to do that. I’ll give you some points you need to check, and then will compose a list of improvements or changes that should be applied on the site. These points will let you take a look at the certain parts of the website appearance and functionality that is implemented on user’s side. So please grab a pen and check your store step by step according these points:

1. E-commerce Website Design – this point includes UX and UI, so you should test out your website and make sure that all the buttons and links work correctly. Let somebody who has never seen your website to make a purchase or just navigate along the site, to make sure that all the steps are user-friendly. Ask yourself, is it 100% comfortable to be on the site, looking for a necessary product or just some information and how fast could it be performed by a new visitor.

2. Mobile Experience of Your e-commerce Website – due to the fact that more than half of the visitors comes using mobile devices, it’s crucial to have a mobile version of your website, and test it how it looks on the mobile. There are many services where you can test the view on various devices (for example http://mobiletest.me).

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3. Trust Elements on Your e-commerce Store – when visitor is coming to your webstore, he want to be sure that all the actions are safe here, and information that he provides stays confidentials. Check whether you have trust element such as ssl certificate on all the pages (home, product, checkout, etc.) Additionally if your company has some awards or certificates, don’t hesitate to place them on the homepage, to let everyone understand that they can trust your company and feel safe during the shopping ( https://monetizepros.com/ecommerce/5-trust-badges-that-can-increase-your-conversion-rate ).

A Dozen Must Have Features For Your E-commerce

4. Social Media – it’s hard to imagine modern life without social networks, and it’s definitely will help to spread the news and information about your store in the world wide web. So please make sure that your store is connected to such famous networks as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and others.

A Dozen Must Have Features For Your E-commerce 2

5. Implement Testimonials – it’s really useful to have trusted reviews and testimonials on your website. It makes visitors trust your store, and follow some recommendations from the other users.

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A Dozen Must Have Features For Your E-commerce 3

6. Distractions – look at your store very carefully, and then ask the question: are there any distractions here? Blinking banners, pop-up windows, gif animation, flash animation, auto-play videos: all these factors should not distract customer from his main purpose – make a purchase. Use these tools to engage the visitor to buy something that he is looking for.

A Dozen Must Have Features For Your E-commerce 4

7. Implement Live Chat – that is really useful tool for communication with your visitors, it will allow them feel the contact with a dealer, and this is much better than silent pages. And in case you already have the chat, please check if it’s working properly, and you can get the messages from the customer instantly. And make sure the chat is not annoying. (here is the example of the good one http://www.lapolicegear.com/)

8. Create a Specific Offer – people loves discounts, and they are always looking for special offers and special prices. And that’s the fair strategy, because it’s let you save the money. So it’s a good advice to place special offers (discounts, last size available, buy 3 items – get 1 more for free, related products, cross-sells) on your Home Page (of course you can place it to any page).

9. Good Search Functionality – test your search. It should be fast and accurate. Just try to find the product you know using some related words. Consider some 3rd party services that allows you extend search functionality (autocomplete, spell-checker, extended information displaying in the search list, etc.)

A Dozen Must Have Features For Your E-commerce 5

10. Top Sellers on Home Page – check if you have top sellers on the homepage. It will let your visitors navigate directly to those products (http://www.lapolicegear.com/).

11. Detailed Product Information and reviews – this is one of the most important pages at your website, so please, make it perfect to get the highest conversion. Pay special attention to provided information about the product, is should be comprehensive, with detailed description in tabs (material, color, size). Place product reviews on the page, with pictures from customers (shipped products picture will help to compare if the product fits the image on your website).

12. Product Videos – provide a video about your product, sometimes it’s much better than few images (http://www.asos.com).

In one of our next articles we will provide you with another 12 features, that can help you grow your successful e-commerce.

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