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7 Best Ecommerce Business Ideas in 2019

Jan 18, 2019

1088 Dasha M.

7 Best Ecommerce Business Ideas in 2019

So you have decided to start doing ecommerce and launch your online store – wonderful! You’re definitely heading for success, since the share of online retail has been growing steadily over a previous couple of years and now has reached its peak.

At the same time, this tendency poses a great threat of your business being looked over, unnoticed, swallowed in the sea of offers. What can you do to dodge this fate while you’re still at step 0 of your ecommerce journey? Choose the right product to sell.

Fashion come and go and trends change, but whichever product is on top of the popularity wave will undoubtedly generate huge revenues and recognition. Here’s a list of 7 best products that will definitely be on trend in 2019, so if you’re at a loss what your business should be focused on this year, this list may give you some clues and inspiration.

Mobile accessories
Smart Home Products and Accessories
High tech devices
E-cigarettes, vaping devices and liquids
Sexshop goods
Make up and beauty products
Athletic apparel

Online shop of Mobile accessories

online shop of mobile accessories

Mobile phones have transformed into wonderfully functional and complex devices that can replace a camera, laptop, library and real-life communication, so no wonder that every person owns at least one of them. But if the demand for cell phones stays more or less steady and spikes only for new Iphone models once in a year, the cry for cool mobile accessories is massive.

Which accessories will be particularly hot this year?

  • Wireless or solar charger. This is where the global environmentalist tendencies and having enough of regular phone chargers.
  • Photo lenses. These small and relatively inexpensive devices allow to get high-quality photos and videos; due to the rise of Instagram there’s no wonder the demand for them is huge.
  • Earphones. Especially wireless ones. Everybody wants to have Iphone Airpods, but sometimes our wishes do not coincide with our capabilities, so the demand for cheaper analogs will be large this year.
  • Custom phone cases. Cases are no more just decor elements, they can offer great functionalities, like popsocket cases.

Online shop of Smart Home products and accessories

online shop of home appliances

Home automation is really hot right now. The ability to control devices in your house with your smartphone from the distance can save a lot of time, have better control of your domestic life and strengthen your house security. Moreover, with the technology development, these tools became more accessible to customers with a middle level of income.

What will be particularly in demand:

  • Voice house assistants like Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • House security systems that include cameras, alarms, intrusion detection devices.
  • Thermostat systems that set up the temperature for each room individually.
  • Kitchen assistants to memorize your shopping lists, keep track of groceries in the fridge and give you recipes advice.
  • Healthcare device assistants keeping track of family members health state.

Online shop of High tech devices

online shop of high tech devices

Even if you’re not a high-tech enthusiast, you can’t but agree that technological progress and its achievements are present in our life on a daily basis, they make our life easier and provide great sources of fun and entertainment.

Here are some idea of the best high tech devices for 2019 to trade:

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  • VR (virtual reality) sets,
  • Drones and quadcopter,
  • Smartwatches,
  • Fitness trackers,
  • Electric scooters,
  • Hoverboard.

Online shop of E-cigarettes, vaping devices and liquids


Since bans on smoking in public places have been legally imposed in almost in every Western country, the demand for electronic cigarettes and vapes together with accessories for them has only been growing. What is more, it is claimed that e-cigarettes help to kick the smoking habit for good, which earned it a good reputation among those who decided to commit to a healthy lifestyle. We won’t support this claim, but won’t disprove of it either; the main thing here that the demand for such devices, of any price range and configuration, will sufficiently grow in 2019.

Online Sexshop

Online sexshop

Slowly but steadily men and women around the world have embraced their sexuality and sexual desires. This fact recently has resulted in the surge of interest to sexshop products. Still, an online sexshop might be a better idea that the physical, brick-and-mortar one for its anonymity, ability to browse the catalogs for as long as one likes without intrusive questions from shop owners and knowledgeable online assistance. It is also a good idea to add not only photos of the product, but videos as well, explaining how the device works; this will replace the absence of touch and feel of an online store.

ecommerce development

Ecommerce Development

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Online shop of Make up and beauty products

Online shop of Make up and beauty products

Beauty trends usually come like wrecking ball, take the world over by storm and subdue as fast as they have emerged. Therefore, if you wish to launch a beauty online shop, you need to keep a close look on large and medium social media influencers and fashion houses, for this is where trends originate. However, the major beauty and makeup tendencies have already been announced. They are:

  • Glossy makeup,
  • Grey or lilac hair dye,
  • Liquid exfoliators,
  • Almond-shaped nails,
  • Natural lash lift.

Online shop of Athletic apparel

Online shop of Athletic apparel

In 2019 people will want to do sports in style, going to the gym or for a run in both comfortable and fashionable clothes. This desire will increase the demand for large brands sportswear like Puma, Nike and Adidas as well as local designer apparel that will allow to stand out. Moreover, one of the fashion addition of this new year is athleisure clothes – wearing workout clothes in day-to-day life and combining them with casual clothing items.

Therefore, the following athletic apparel items will be hot in 2019:

  • Yoga leggings,
  • Workout tops and bras,
  • Dad sneakers (large and oversize with a strong whiff of the 90s fashion),
  • Hoodies.

This is our short guide that, we hope, can give you an idea or to on how to skyrocket your business. If you have already made up your mind on what your business will be and you wish to proceed further, I would highly recommend you to read the article on How to Create Online Shop from Scratch.

Want someone’s assistance with creating an online shop? BelVG can help. You can also check out descriptions of our previous projects – perhaps you will find the case similar to yours.

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