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6 Christmas Promotion Tips for Your Online Store

Dec 14, 2018

2031 Dasha M.

6 Christmas Promotion Tips for Your Online Store

Christmas is already knocking on our doors – together with new opportunities for an online shop for promotion and increase of revenue. At the time like this conventional marketing strategies won’t be enough, so here’s a list of 6 Christmas ecommerce ideas that will boost your sales and communicate that holly-jolly-Christmas feeling to your customers.

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Christmas styling
Christmas content
Special offers, promotions and discounts
Free delivery
Email marketing
Popups and notifications

Christmas styling

There’s nothing that communicates festive mood to a customer clearer and sweeter than a Christmas-y flair in the webstore design. You can:

  • add festive elements to your logo (red hats, evergreens, snowflakes, etc),
  • change the color of the main page to the red-yellow-white color scheme or other color combination you consider festive,
  • decorate your header, footer or log in page with elements like snow, Christmas trees, snowmans or Santas in the corner,

Christmas marketing strategies

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  • you can even create your own Christmas character (remember how the big, red-cheeked and jovial Santa Clause we thought was always like this, in fact, was created for Coca Cola Christmas commercial in the 1920s).

christmas marketing strategies

So how you decide to adorn your webstore is limited to solely your imagination and creativity; the only advice here is – don’t overdo it, making your brand unrecognizable and the site structure and navigation non-intuitive.

Christmas content

At the holiday season people don’t want to bother with reading large articles or watching long videos – they want fun and Christmas spirit. This is how you give it to them.

  • Present guide

Christmas advertisement overflows the internet from Thanksgiving till the New Year, and there’s so much of it that it is regarded as white noise. What people are frantically browsing the Internet for are presents ideas for their parents, partners or spouses, children, friends or colleagues, which makes it a perfect chance for promotion. Write a number of short and colorful presents guides featuring your produce and post it on your blog. It is recommended to include goods from different price categories in order to provide for customers of every income level.

  • Promotional Christmas video

If you have resources and enthusiasm to make a short Christmas video, go for it! You can demonstrate your special holiday drops and product editions, make a corporate rewind of how you’ve grown over the year, invite bloggers and influencers to it – the possibilities are endless.

  • Social media

Christmas and New Year is the time of joy, positivity, and generosity – so spread it on your social networks. You can also hold a Christmas giveaway among your followers or offer all of them a special offer or exclusive discount.

Special offers and discounts

Pre-holiday big “last-minute” / “90% off”/ etc sales are a must for each online store, meaning customers have the right to be picky, and they most certainly will be. So how to convince them not to pass on your sales at Christmas?

The answer is bundle sales. Pair the items and announce a special price for them. Do it smartly though – don’t just add a thing that nobody wants with the most popular item. Instead, make a two-for-the-price-of-one set, pair the products that are used together (like headphones and ear rubbers), make a “Christmas presents for parents” bundle – the possibilities are endless here.

I’ve already mentioned present guides – why not issue a guide over the Christmas sales in your shop with the direct links to the items? The material will be promotional for sure, but nobody expects it to be otherwise – it’s Christmas time!

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Email Marketing

This festive time is a great opportunity to boost your marketing strategy with a focused email marketing campaign that informs about all the upcoming and current sales, contains personal discounts and promo codes as well as valuable information like changes in working hours or delivery regions for the time of holidays. To make the email recipient interested in your offer, make your campaign thematic. Advent or 12-days-till-Christmas email campaigns have already become rather a cliche, but are nevertheless safe; yet you can always apply your creativity and make a unique campaign.

And even if you lack imagination to make the campaign original, there’s a list of things that will still make it good and functional:

  • mobile-friendly emails
  • original, funny and entertaining subject line
  • less text, more pictures
  • direct links to the shop

Free delivery

Let’s be honest with each other – a lot of pre-Christmas presents shopping is done last-minute, when people are already agitated from how close the boxing day is and how much money they have already spent. All they want is to make their purchase, get it delivered for free and as soon as possible. Seeing the delivery fee will make them question their choices and in most cases they leave your web store without a purchase.

To convince the customer to make a last-minute purchase particularly from your store, offer not only free delivery for all goods in stock but also small but pleasant Christmas gifts or extra-quick delivery. And although you’ll have to provide for presents and delivery in advance and this will be extra trouble, the result will undoubtedly pay off.

Popups and notifications

How to communicate to your webstore visitors the mood of urgency and at the same time inform them about current sales and offers? Popups and notifications are the most convenient and simple way, yet there are not so many free ones out there. To help you out in this hard holiday season, we offer you our Christmas popups that will cost you zero dollars.  Free Promo Popup for Magento 2 have 3 default templates, are easy to install at your online store and configure as you like.

These were the best marketing practices for this festive Christmas season. We wish you joy, happiness and good sales, and if you have questions or comments, you can always leave them in the comments down below.

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