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5 Reasons For Migration to Magento 2

May 8, 2017

679 Vladislav Yunusov

5 Reasons For Migration to Magento 2

Nowadays migration to Magento 2 is supposed to be the topical issue discussed by many web store owners all over the world. The controversial question you may face is the necessity to migrate. Who should migrate to Magento 2? When should migration be performed? How much money does the migration to Magento 2 require? Let’s take a closer look at the issue.

First of all, it should be noticed that the process of migrating your existing site based on Magento 1 to the new Magento 2 is not quite as simple as just upgrading to the latest version. It inсludes transferring all your store data and rebuilding your site from scratch. Actually, there are some tools that help to simplify the transition, both of which are focused on data export. But it is only one side of the coin, as it still leaves a lot of work to carry out including the front end of your website and actual shopping experience. Having taken into consideration all the aspects involved in the migration process, you should realize why it is worth it.

migration to magento 2

Migration to Magento 2

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1. The most significant reason is closely connected with Magento 1, the official support of which will be ending at the end of 2018. What does it imply? Of course, it doesn’t mean web developers will stop dealing with web stores based on Magento 1. It implies that security patches for prospective issues will not be produced anymore. In case when you come up against the situation, it will cost much money to cope with it. You will undergo a higher risk to face some troubles such as malicious programs exploiting uncovered and unprotected gaps. It has been said that the cheapest is the dearest.

2. Magento 2 has been developed in order to embody all the benefits that Magento 1 felt need. How does it help? Magento 2 is assured to be a technology platform full of up-to-date features providing web store owners with modern solutions. For example, if compared with the previous version Magento 1, Magento 2 has a number of advantages.

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  • Magento 2 is based on the modular architecture which results in increasing the speed. Page load time, add-to-cart server response time, end-to-end checkout time are faster.
  • The platform Magento 2 can support 10 million catalog page views per hour. It is 20 times more than with Magento 1 that can support only 500,000 page views.
  • New admin panel has been designed for Magento 2. With the help of the panel ability of a business system to rapidly respond to change enhances. Moreover, the admin panel can be customized for accessing relevant business information quickly.
  • Checkout has been modified also, so now it is user-friendly that does not require much efforts to complete the order. The new checkout enables creating an account in one click, that triggers customers to repeat the purchase.
  • Magento 2 is built on top of a responsive web design approach that ensures optimal viewing and seamless interaction across a variety of devices.

3. The upgrade process is now more efficient than ever. Magento is striving for launching quarterly feature releases. Why are they doing this? The commonest complaints concerning Magento 1 were time, money and effort needed for upgrading the version, that is why developers decided to fix the problem.

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4. Since the quality of the product has been enhanced, the integration compatibility has been improved as well. Now the extensions you would like to implement in Magento 2 are fully compatible, so there will be no conflicts with implementation. Besides, nothing impedes the process.

5. One more point you should pay attention to is the statistics which demonstrates power relations between Magento 1 and Magento 2. According to the up-to-date information, the popularity of Magento 1 is decreasing rapidly. This can be explained by the Magento 2 new popularity due to the guaranteed benefits the platform brings. So, while you are thinking the idea of migrating, your competitors have already experienced it.

That said, nowadays migration to Magento 2 is a necessity when every web store should be undergone in order to meet customer expectations. The only question is when a web store will be migrated. Do not forget that Magento 1 date of expiry will be pretty soon, so you must be heedful of the future. Do you have any questions left? Feel free to get in touch and get answers to all questions about Magento 2 migration.

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