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4 Steps to Decide on Your Next Magento 2.0 Extension

Apr 19, 2016

501 Andrey Dubina

4 Steps to Decide on Your Next Magento 2.0 Extension

Before starting to create a new Magento 2.0 extension, you need to answer the following questions:

  1. Does the new version of Magento already have such functionality by default?

Magento 2.0 has new functionality and the check may reveal that the solution you are thinking about is not necessary because it has already been implemented in the new version of the platform.

You may also find that there are not enough features or that some features need to be improved. And a new extension might help to broaden Magento functionality.

  1. Are such solutions already present in the market?

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Navigate to Magento Connect and search for the existing solutions that may be convenient in this case. Thoroughly check the functionality of the extensions and it may be that some particular features and functionality are missing in the existing extensions.

Often, clients come to us saying that they found an extension that lacks some particular functionality and they ask if we can add it. Listen to such requests and it may be a great help in finding the idea for a new extension.

For example, at the beginning, our Framer extension was simply a custom solution that we applied for a particular client, but afterwards more clients started requesting similar solutions and we decided to release a flexible easy-to-customize extension for a wide target audience. And now businesses working with frames can simply purchase and customize the extension and it will be faster and easier than requesting a developer to create a new solution from scratch.


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  1. Were there similar extensions for Magento 1.X and were they popular?

It’s obvious that you develop an extension to sell it. Therefore before developing an extension you need to analyze the market and decide what features customers need and what extensions they will buy.

Before starting to develop a Magento 2.0 extension, it may be a good idea to check which Magento 1.X extensions were most popular and which had low sales results. The first extensions we decided to develop for Magento 2.0 were the most popular extensions that we had for Magento 1.X.

These are not only the most popular, but also the most important extensions that every decent shop must have.

  1. Is it possible to implement such an extension for Magento 2.0 from the technical point of view?

From the technical point of view, in Magento 2.0 a significant number of core changes have been implemented. And not all solutions from Magento 1.X can be implemented in Magento 2.0.

Before starting to develop an extension, it’s better to check if there is a technical possibility to implement the solution for Magento 2.0.

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After you analyze all pros and cons, you can take a balanced decision. We hope that these simple steps will help you to decide which extensions to develop and together we will create new exciting Magento 2.0 extensions!

Andrey Dubina

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  1. Thank you for the informative post. It’a great use of reading this blog. Definitely will bookmark to proceed in future.

  2. Nice Post! Very helpful questions to ask before starting new extension.

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