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4 Best Tools for Magento Admin

Feb 22, 2019

1066 Mary D.

4 Best Tools for Magento Admin

Nobody said it would be easy to manage webstore. Especially when the number of products, orders and customers is growing constantly. Moreover, it is not enough just to add new products to your catalog and be a gifted entrepreneur to run a successful business. Webstore performance is what matters in ecommerce the most.

Despite the fact that Magento is super popular and easy-to-use platform, a Magento store still needs certain optimization and improvement. In today’s article we will talk about useful tools to improve your webstore and enhance Magento admin and manager everyday routine.

Table of contents:

Optimize loading speed
Improve admin management
Enhance customer experience
Control product visibility

Optimize loading speed

Let’s face it – today’s buyer has grown impatient. In the era of a fast Internet everyone expects a page should take milliseconds to load. So when a potential buyer is faced with the necessity to wait more than a couple of seconds, they immediately experience a range of negative emotions – from frustration to downright irritation. Naturally, nobody wants to have anything to do with the website that made them feel this way, and the chance that a person will stay at the website, let alone make a purchase, drops to minuscule. With such a variety of options that can be found online, your potential buyer will simply move on to another online store.

In addition to evoking negative emotions from the customers, low page loading speed is bad for Search Engine Optimization. Since 2010 Google has recognized it as one of the ranking factors that determine website position in search results. The reason for this roots in customer behavior described above – the faster the website loads, the happier the visitor will be and the more time they will spend here.

So, if you experience troubles with loading speed, what are the ways to improve it? Among the most effective methods is deferring JavaScript parcing and loading if it is located at the top of the page or in the header. This way HTML and CSS content will be loaded first and JavaScript – in the last turn. As a result, the loading speed is increased with no damage to website performance and business. However, it is rather time- and effort-consuming to try and organize such a script by yourself, so it will be easier to simply download an already existing Defer JS extension.

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Improve admin management

The performance and final results of the webstore depend not only on the customers, but on the people who help manage it – store admins in particular. It is quite obvious that no matter how wide the range of the goods you offer or how high its quality or your store reputation, if the management capabilities for store admin are poor, you will see not much improvement in the store revenue and overall performance. There is quite a large share of responsibility that befalls on store admins – catalog, product, prices, orders taxes and shipping management, sale process supervision, inventory maintenance, etc, and it should be in store owner’s best interest to introduce certain automation shortcuts that will help the admin deal with all this load.

For me, order management seems the most sensitive responsibility, especially in the time of seasonal or festive sales frenzy. In the situation like this, color coding the order status can prove a very effective system for dealing with multiple orders. By default, most ecommerce platforms don’t offer such an option, and Magento is not an exception. Yet you can always download a free Color Status Order for Magento 2 extension and try the color coding system out at your online store.

Enhance customer functionality

Customer self-service is an emerging tendency for customer experience improvement. Empowering customers with more capabilities and making your webstore more interactive for that purpose brings a lot of advantages. Firstly, it eliminates the store admin or customer service that traditionally process requests, making this process of obtaining information immediate. Secondly, you will save human resources, for less staff will be engaged. Thirdly, your customers will feel more independent, realizing they can any time obtain the information they need without turning to support staff for it.

One of the rather frequent requests among customers is for a price list, and at first it seems simple to grant. But remember the number of situations when this or that product was out of stock or its price has changed. To provide a customer an adequate and current price list the manager will need to check the relevance of stock and prices and edit the price list if they have, which is an undoubtedly lengthy process.

Increase customer retention

Every ecommerce owner understands that the logged in customer is much more reliable and closer to a potential buyer than the unlogged one. Yet there are really not many non-coercive methods to make your visitor create an account and stay logged in, so a number of online stores just let it be for fear they may lose potential clients if they try to force them to do something.

The best solution here is not to coerce, but emphasize the appeal of having an account in your webstore. Among the perks you can offer to your potential clients can be access to special discounts and promo codes, closed sales and limited offers, improved customer service (faster or free delivery, longer availability of product refund, etc.) and even access to certain part of your product range. You can’t but agree that the unknown spikes the curiosity, and if a person is promised to gain access to a wider assortment, sizes and manufacturers range in exchange for logging into their customer account, their motivation to do so will be significantly higher. To control access to certain groups of products, implement Groups Catalog for Magento 2 extension.

Wrapping it up

As you can see, there is a great number of webstore optimization methods with lots of corresponding tools. The main point here is not to be afraid to experiment and try out new solutions; sooner or later you will find the one that suits you the most and wields the most result.

Andrey Dubina
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