Widgets in Magento 2.0

Jan 14, 2016198Andrey Dubina
Widgets in Magento 2.0

Widgets are small sets of code that you can add to your store. In widgets you can display a large variety of data: from simple links to dynamic code. You can find an example of a widget in one of my previous posts.

In this article I will show you how to create a widget in Magento 2.0 following a few simple steps.

Here you can see main types of widgets available in Magento 2.0.

Widgets in Magento 2

The process of adding widgets is almost the same for all their types. First, you need to open widget section in the admin panel of your store. Navigate to Content => Widgets.

Widgets in Magento 2

To create a new widget, press “Add widget”.

Select the type of your widget and select the design theme that you are currently using.

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Widgets in Magento 2

Enter the name of your widget, define for which store views you would like to apply it. Then define where exactly to display the widget, press “Add Layout Update”.

Widgets in Magento 2

Select Container and Template.

Widgets in Magento 2

You have the following choice:

Widgets in Magento 2

Now when you selected where to display your widget, press “Save and continue update” and navigate to Widget options.

Select CMS Page and add custom text and title if necessary.

Widgets in Magento 2

Now check the results.

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